Pillow Talk - Pine

Artist: Pine

Album: Pillow Talk

Genre: Alternative

Review by Nicole Roberts

Straddling the line between emo and pop, Pine combine wistful, washed out guitars with powerful, angst-ridden vocals to create a shoegaze-emo-pop hybrid that's just left of field of what we hear everyday. Their 5 track EP Pillow Talk is a promising start to the bands sure to be successful career, with their uniqueness shining through with enough catchy hooks and powerful chorus' to ensure people can still connect with them musically.

Kicking things off with 'Doyla', a dreamy, chilled out track, where we're introduced to the intoxicating vocals of Darlene Deschamps. Her voice is similar enough to Hayley WIlliams that the comparisons will of course be drawn, but it sounds a bit more alternative post-rock and a bit less pop, at least enough to allow Deschamps to be able to stand out.

'Viable' begins with an interesting and catchy bass riff that is an early indicator for the catchiness and strength of this track. The energy is high, the vocals are strong, and the guitars are interesting and consistently high quality throughout. Their strength in songwriting is clear throughout the album, but this song is probably where I was most impressed with how well they can put so many conflicting parts together seamlessly.

'(Un)rest' brings the energy back ten notches, giving us the most chilled out yet engaging and emotional beginning of a song I've heard in a long time. The track eventually builds to a more powerful ending, keeping the same beat but with driving guitars and pounding drums amping up the drama and impact. 'Jilt' is another track in the similar vein, starting out more relaxed and dreamy before building into something more dramatic.

The final track, 'Blue Jacket', does a decent job rounding out the album. It's moody, brooding, floaty and whimsical all at once. Highly emotive yet low energy, it's not as great as the rest of the album, so is a little bit of a let down at the end, but it's still a decent song.

Pillow Talk is an extremely promising release from Pine. If it's an indicator of what the band have in store, I'd say they've got a bright career ahead of them. While the album isn't groundbreaking or crazily different, it is unique enough that it'll stand out amongst the crowd and will surely get them a lot more attention. It's an enjoyable listen, and even after a few listens through, it was still interesting.

6.5 out of 10.

Pillow Talk is out June 9 via No Sleep Records.

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