International Spotlight: The Dives

You'd think that in a country as huge as America, the chances of four talented and likeminded musicians from various parts of the country meeting and forming a dynamic rock band that created a sound that was simultaneously familiar and excitingly new were slim to none. Luckily for us, The Dives managed to defy odds, coming together to give us music laden with tight harmonies, infectious hooks, and memorable riffs, making the kind of music we all wish we could hear more of.

Based in NYC, the fairly new band have dived headfirst into creating their own brand of rock 'n' roll, writing original material, rehearsing until they were musically tight and jumping straight into the club circuit to show everyone exactly what they're made of. With the members of the band being influenced by such a wide range of music, similar enough to create a sound that works but diverse enough to ensure their music explores new ground and remains exciting, they’re the epitome of modern rock ‘n’ roll.

Comprised of guitarist and lead singer Evan Stanley, guitarist and lead singer Mike Lefton, bassist and singer Sergio Ortega and drummer and singer Jimmy Meier, all four musicians have been passionately into music since they were children, spending many years mastering their instruments before coming together as a group. Moving to NYC to attend college, Stanley was determined to start a band and, after a few speedbumps, he was introduced to New Jersey native and future bandmate, Mike Lefton. As with so many great rock ‘n’ roll bands, a connection was instantly forged over their shared love of music, and with Lefton reaching out to fellow New Jersey musician Jimmy Meier to fill in on drums, they just needed a bassist to round out their group. Scrambling to find the perfect fit with a booked gig coming up, Sergio Ortega joined as an unlikely fit (unlikely because he was known for his work on guitar, banjo and mandolin and had toured the world as guitarist and musical director for Broadway phenomenon, Ramin Karimloo). Creating a brotherhood, bonding over their mutual goals and love of music, as well as their twisted sense of humour, their story is already sounding very much like a true rock ‘n’ roll bands origin story. 2017 is proving to be massive for the band. With the release of their debut EP Everybody’s Talkin’, a UK tour that let them share their music with audiences in the tens of thousands, and with an upcoming national tour in August, the rockers are proving, through hard work, sweat and dedication, that they’re a force to be reckoned with. If you’re lucky enough to be in a city they’ll be in soon, make sure to catch a show before they become so big, scoring tickets will be impossible.

Check their music out below and enjoy it as much as we do.


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Twitter: @ thedivesmusic

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