Have You Heard? Nebulae - Hemina

Artist: Hemina

Album: Nebulae

Genre: Progressive Metal

Review by Nicole Roberts

If you're a fan of Australian progressive metal, you may have heard these guys floating about. With a couple of albums under their belt, Hemina have been a consistently high quality force in the local scene since their inception, and their 2014 album Nebulae is the poster child for how musically strong and interesting this Sydney town are.

Countless progressive metal albums have fallen at the hurdle of trying too hard to be complex with multiple layers of sounds, confusing the listener and making their music a bit of a trial to listen to. Hemina certainly don't have this problem, as they effortless blend their hard hitting groove, ridiculously impressive vocals, and (in parts) heavy synths with powerful guitars and driving drums. It's definintel not an easy feat, but this band clearly have an eye for diversity and a talent for taking unrelated sounds and musical components, weaving it all together to create some catchy and intriguing progressive metal.

The entire album is interesting and changes direction, while still melding together to create one impressive piece. From the funk influenced 'Lust', the acoustic laced 'Soulmates', or the heavier 'Nightlives', they constantly change their sound just enough that each song stands on its own as a testament to the bands diversity, but are just similar enough that it doesn't sound disjointed and confusing between tracks.

Possibly the best thing about this album, and this band in general, are the vocals. With their use of the powerful male vocals and the operatic, almost gothic female vocals, it's a nice contrast between the strong and masculine versus the sweet and haunting. They expertly work the two together, with the differing sounds both complimenting each other but also providing a nice opposite effect that creates a stark, but beautiful, contrast and highlights their differing sounds brilliantly.

All in all, this album is strong from start to finish. It's constantly diverse and interesting, taking you in a new direction every song and constantly keeping you on your toes. If you like your progressive metal diverse, dramatic and exciting, you have to check out this band, especially this album.

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