Track Review Featuring Walk With Kings

Review by Steve Jenkins

Atlas Alias - This track features guest vocalist Chris Rand of legendary Wollongong metal band Segression. Atlas Alias provides us with some very meaty riffs that sound super infectious, building up to the chaos that is soon to unfold. The way that Chris Rand delivers his spoken vocals offers the listener a certain level of intensity that makes them just as powerful as the screams that are layed out through the entire track. Between the groovy guitars and the precision of the well-timed drumming, this one will be stuck in your head after just one listen with the well executed delivery that sounds catchy but also really damn heavy at the same time.

Tricks, Lies & The Truth - The sound on here has a bit more of an industrial metal vibe going on and it sounds extremely tight. The special guest vocals on this track come from Robo Dinner from another Illawarra based metal band called Cyndustry. His voice is very solid, and when accompanied by the atmosphere of the squealing guitars that also pack punch with a chunky chord line, blended with the pulsing drums and rhythm, it's definitely enough to make this track stand out.

Remnants Outdone - Featuring Ben Rossini from Ten Years Too Late, who delivers a blood curdling vocal performance from the very beginning. This track has more of a death metal sound, which is great, the superb drumming that rolls like thunder is a massive achievement. There is another riff that is fast and very "death metal" also, add that in with the raw and aggressive vocals, then you've got yourself a mighty powerful song. Remnants Outdone continues on until a great breakdown and solo, this solo is great because it starts off slow but then has a pinch harmonic and then some good old tapping. It ends with a build up to sudden stop which kind of makes you want to hear more after such a great performance.

Overall, I am excited to hear more from Walk With Kings, as they obviously have a lot of potential and they certainly have a sound that can't really be pigeonholed into one particular sub-genre of metal. This is good for them because it allows growth and expansion as they continue their quest to find a permanent vocalist. I can safely say that after listening to these three tracks, Walk With Kings are a band to keep your eyes and ears on. This is metal folks.


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