Different Animals - Volumes

Artist: Volumes

Album: Different Animals

Genre: Metalcore/Djent

Review by Zachary Quinn

Volumes are back with Different Animals, this is the first album to feature ex-Bury Your Dead vocalist Myke Terry replacing Michael Barr since his departure from the group, as one of the band's dynamic vocalists. Volumes are an American metalcore band based in Los Angeles, California, They are credited as an important contributor to the djent scene "Ah yeah a chugga-chugga".

The album begins with the hard hitting 'Waves Control', this track is solid and a great opener, giving us a taste of what's to come. Different Animals incorporates as many pop elements as it does metal, A single song at one point will sound very much like modern pop and then swinging back into a heavy groove driven breakdown. These transitions work well and feel natural, great examples of this are on tracks like 'Pieces' and 'Finite'. At first it may feel as though these elements don't mix well but I found they definitely grow on you,

The album is fun to bounce along to. You will even find rap sections on tracks like 'On Her Mind' which features rapper Pouya. I didn't find the rap verses to be anything groundbreaking or out of the ordinary. The pop vibe doesn't just find it's place within the music but very much in the lyrical flow of the clean singing parts which are frequent, they work well even if they are a little cheesy at times.

Without much investigating you will hear a lot of the lyrical content is dealing with overcoming and struggling with drug addictions, The lyrics are at times refreshing honest and somewhat poetic. Different Animals is a very energetic and fun record but I found the first half to be much stronger than the later half. The album makes use of a 'Interlude' which sounds good but doesn't add anything to the overall musical flow. This leads to a problem I had while listening to the songs, they sound familiar from one another but don't easily flow between each other, unfortunately leaving the album not feel completely whole.

I held a blank canvas in my hands, Volumes splashed about lots of vibrant and bright colours, some mixed together well but the end picture wasn't totally clear.

Stand out tracks. 'Finite' 'Feels Good' 'Disaster Vehicle'

6.5 out of 10 stars.

Different Animals is out June 9th via Fearless Records and Caroline Records Australia.

Watch the official music video for the track 'Left For Dead' below:

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