Part One: Most Metal Theme Songs In Wrestling

Triple H is probably the most metal wrestler when it comes to his passion for the music and incorporating heavy metal into his entrances. Not only has he had some kickass theme songs for himself, but he has used heavy music for his fellow WWE sub-brand, NXT, which Triple H is the creator and senior producer of. The NXT brand uses heavy music quite a lot for their TV and PPV shows, using bands such as Bring Me The Horizon, Motionless In White, I Prevail and many more. Of course, with Triple H being the COO (Chief Operating Office) of the company, he got an actual metal band to do his music, and not just any old metal band. Motorhead! Not only that, he commissioned Lemmy (Rest In Peace) and the rest of the band to create a total of three entrance themes for Triple H. After Lemmy passed away, Triple H also spoke at his funeral and went on to accept the first ever 'Spirit Of Lemmy Award' in front of thousands upon thousands of metalheads at 2016 Download Festival. So it's pretty clear why we chose Triple H for this list and we think he definitely deserves to be number one.

Listen to 'Line In The Sand' which was the theme song for Triple H and his stable, Evolution. As well as the legendary entrance song also by Motorhead known simply as 'The Game':

Edge used a bunch of themes throughout his 15 year career, but this one was by far the best. The occult sound and lyrical subject matter of Rob Zombie fit seamlessly with Edge’s trench coat wearing, loner persona. This was one of the first times a big name artist was used for a WWE wrestler’s entrance song. It would help to usher in an era where more well known bands would be used for some of the more popular wrestlers. The theme has a a great industrial metal sound with the typical Rob Zombie elements. Edge went on to later on use Alter Bridge and their heavy track 'Metalingus' which he used for most of his final run in WWE before retiring in 2011.

Here are both of his wonderful entrance themes for you to rock out and enjoy listening to:

CM Punk was lucky enough to have masters of metalcore, Killswitch Engage, create this awesome entrance theme that was initially meant for Kane believe it or not. However, it was never used by The Big Red Machine and was eventually given to CM Punk. The heavy riffs and signature KSE chorus was a perfect fit for the take no bullshit, tattooed wrestler with attitude. It got the fans pumped up and worked perfectly with both Punk’s good guy character and his straight-edge bad guy persona. Punk would then later on adapt the theme song 'Cult Of Personality' courtesy of the NYC hard rock band Living Colour. This is without a doubt one of the most recognizable heavy rock songs of all time and you don't have to watch wrestling to be familiar with this song. Many say that this theme song is one of the most suited and best representations of a wrestler, ever. Punk eventually left WWE in 2014 to pursue a career in MMA and he would go on to lose his first ever fight in the UFC against Mickey Gall in September, 2016.

Listen to two different ends of the music spectrum but still both extremely awesome entrance songs below:

Aleister Black is new to the WWE and is bringing his unique style to the NXT brand right now, but there's no question that he has one of the most hard-hitting and straight up awesome entrance songs around. Long Island hardcore outfit Incendiary teamed up with the WWE's music producer CFO$, who is known for writing and producing many of the WWE's themes, and the result is intense. His fierce new theme is called 'Root Of All Evil', and transitions from a tense buildup into an epic hardcore chorus that promises "we will never be equal," which is a perfect in-ring mentality. Aleister Black even helped write some of the lyrics. He's been known to have a diverse taste in metal, even curating his own Spotify workout playlist featuring bands like Knocked Loose, Expire, Code Orange, and Every Time I Die. He also uses the hashtag #FadeToBlxack, which we can only assume is tying his name to the classic Metallica song. His entrance is one of the most dramatic yet coolest things that I've witnessed as you will find out below.

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