Interview: Eternal Boy

Pittsburgh pop-punk band, Eternal Boy, are a product of the Drive-Thru Records era - also known as the glory days of the pop-punk culture. With their music being fast, loud, and energetic, they're everything a pop-punk band should be and more, becoming known as 'throwback pop punk specialists' for their dedication to old school pop-punk. We had a chat with the band about their upcoming album Awkward Phase (out July 14th via Four Chord Music), their spot on 2017's Warped Tour, and who their dream tour mates would be.

For anybody new to the band, how would you describe yourselves?

As a band: think old Blink 182 meets Katy Perry when she was on Warped Tour. We are self-described as Throwback Pop Punk. You know, the pop punk that everyone grew up on and adore like your weird Uncle Robert.

You're known as 'throwback pop punk specialists', what is it about old school pop-punk that makes you want to carry the torch into modern day music?

Thats a tough question, actually. Its hard to define the feelings and emotion we all feel when we still hear some of those bands that we admire: The Starting Line, The Ataris, Rufio, old Blink, NFG, etc. These bands mean so much to us in ways I am not sure words can describe. It is almost like it "places" us in a moment from our past where all of these memories just come alive as if we are living them again. We learned about this genre during a very developmental time for us, and I think musically we have never left that stage. And I am definitely ok with that. Lots of people say, "hey, when are you going to grow out of that 'pop punk phase'?" My answer is, that phase is my life. You can't grow out of a phase that important.

Your debut album 'Awkward Phase' is out very soon, how're you guys feeling in the build up its release?

The first track we released is "Growing Pains." As far as both, the hype has been awesome. It seems like people "get" the song "Growing Pains" in the way we were hoping they would.

How was it working with Chris Badami? He's known for doing some great work on a wide variety of albums from different genres.

There aren't many people we trust more than Chris. He is so multifaceted in terms of genres and styles, but of course we admire the work he did with bands like The Starting Line, Early November, etc. There aren't many people better than Chris in this industry.

When it came to writing your debut album, did you sit down to write songs specifically for 'Awkward Phase', or is it more a collection of songs that have come together naturally throughout your time as a band?

Writing music for us is more of a natural process. I mean the songs reflect a multitude of situations we have dealt with from the hardships of relationships and friendships, growing up all while not giving in, and other tangential topics. These songs just kind of happened, which is the way we would prefer it.

Congratulations on your spot on Warped Tour, it's an incredible line-up! How're you guys feeling about being a part of such an iconic festival tour?

Insane. Warped Tour is engraved in my ethos and has meant so much to me in so many ways. Kevin Lyman is not only profoundly smart to be able to keep in important for so many years, but he is also such an nice and honest human. Very hard to come by these days.

How does your preparation for a tour like this differ to preparing for a run of more intimate shows?

Well at Warped, bands only get 25 minutes, so it becomes a greatest hits type set. However, we don't have "hits" yet, lol, so we just play the songs that we notice people like and add a few new ones.

If you could pick any 4 bands to share the stage with on tour, who would they be?

Great question, and this is important because I am going to tweet this to every band on this list:

1. Blink 182. Please, Mark, please. I promise I will make you laugh every night and beat you in mario kart.

2. New Found Glory

3. The Starting Line

4. Taylor Swift. We were meant to be.

Any plans on heading to Australia and New Zealand in the near future?

Boy would we love to. It is a tough commute, lol. Want to sponsor us over there?

Awkward Phase will be out on July 14th via Four Chord Music. You can pre-order it here.

Written by Nicole Roberts

Check out their new video for 'Clean Slate' below

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Instagram: @eternalboymusic

Twitter: @eternalboymusic


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