Caligula's Horse Announce New Album

Australian prog-rockers Caligula's Horse have announced the release of their forthcoming fourth studio album, In Contact, for release on the 15th September 2017 via Inside Out Music.

As with the band’s highly popular album Bloom before it, In Contact sees vocalist Jim Grey and lead guitarist Sam Vallen collaborating closely on the music and lyrics. Vallen comments: “In our creative process every idea is scrutinized, deconstructed, and rebuilt in a way that one of us, alone, could never achieve. We’re one another’s harshest critic, but fortunately we’ve done this for long enough now that our inspiration draws us in a similar direction - we can finish each other’s musical sentences, so to speak. And we're lucky that's the case, since In Contact proved to be a much more ambitious undertaking than anything we’d conceived of in the past.”

Vocalist Jim Grey adds: "In Contact has been an enormous proposition - the stories told in this album feel deeply personal, and we've never been more excited to share a new work with the world. The sounds on this album are dark and adventurous - but without losing the bittersweet and joyful sounds we developed in writing Bloom.”

"We decided to create a concept album, but one that came from a more personal place: one that would facilitate our creative needs wherever the journey took usVallen continues. “The broader concept is based around the nature of art - of what it is that sparks creativity and inspiration, a celebration of what connects us as human beings, the shared space across our many differences.”

The music on In Contact stretched all of the bands abilities, from the frantic speed and complexity of 'Will’s Song (Let the Colours Run)' to the immense scope and variety of the 16-minute album closer, 'Graves'. This is Caligula’s Horse at their most ambitious and progressive.

Watch the album teaser below

IN CONTACT TRACK LISTING: 1. Dream the Dead 2. Will's Song (Let the Colours Run) 3. The Hands are the Hardest 4. Love Conquers All 5. Songs for No One 6. Capulet 7. Fill My Heart 8. Inertia and the Weapon of the Wall 9. The Cannon's Mouth 10. Graves

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