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Flynn Effect, one of Brisbanes most promising metal groups around today, is taking the Australian music scene by storm. With the successful release of their latest single, 'Fade', taken from their upcoming album Obsidian, the band, fronted by their fearless leader Tomina Vincent, are looking to remind people exactly why we all need to be listening to Flynn Effect. We had a chat with the uber-talented vocalist Tomina Vincent about the new album, touring, and sharing the stage with Lacuna Coil.

Congratulations on completing your second album! How's the reception been since the release of your first single, Fade?

The reception has been great, I think people were surprised because its a very different direction for us, but we've been really humbled by the reaction, its been a good week!​ How would you describe Flynn Effect for new listeners? ​I like to say that we sound like the lovechild of Rammstein and Lacuna Coil. I think we fit in the alternative rock and metal bracket, and we are female-fronted, but don't expect Evanescence. ​ So Obsidian is your second album, was the process much different when creating this album, compared to when you recorded your debut, Skin? ​It was yes, we spent a lot more time writing. There were a lot of delays, just family, health and personal issues we all had in the last two years. But we did really focus on broadening our horizons and writing things we really felt. It was important to me especially, to strip down a lot of the fake poetry that seems to come with writing lyrics, for example. I wanted to convey real emotions using ordinary language, and that was quite cathartic, suddenly I could feel these words a lot more than I did with the previous record. Musically we aimed to stay true to ourselves and just do what we wanted to do, not try to be liked or anything like that. So if you listen to the record, I think it might confuse you, which is our mission accomplished. There are love songs, there's a western themed track, a cover, its just a mix of so many different things. ​We did produce the album ourselves like last time, but we used a very different approach to that, just adding a lot more space and a sort of lush feel to the tracks.

How do you feel your songwriting and music have evolved over the years? ​In general, we allow ourselves a lot more freedom than we used to. We are very focused and relaxed at the same time. I think now, we are more interested in doing what we want and presenting what we think is a good song, rather than whether that song will be a hit or work for people. ​Its the same for me personally, I used to be focused on writing impressive passages, the higher the better. But at the moment, I'm exploring more areas of my voice and I'm interested in just writing what feels good, I certainly don't question myself like I used to. How did you get into rock and metal? ​My sister actually, she introduced me to Black Sabbath and Alice Cooper, but the first band I really fell for was HIM, and I never looked back from there. I listened to black and death metal for a few years, then moved to other things, but I still love all of those genres, as well as, say, Birds of Tokyo. ​ Did you always know that it was going to be such a big part of your life? ​I didn't always know, but I always hoped. I was never going to be in a pop band. We started out in 2014 and we've done a lot of things for a band that young, which I have a lot of people to thank for, but we're also self managed and I am the acting manager, which is quite a job. I always knew that I'd end up in some sort of business management role, but it still surprises me to this day that I do this for my day job, and for my music too! It really is fantastic and very empowering. ​If I'd never heard those artists, my life would be quite different. What's your favourite thing about playing live? ​That's a difficult question, I love everything about it. I can get quite worried before a show, but once I'm on stage, its like I flip a switch and I never get nervous when I'm up there. There is a sense of belonging for me - I feel with my whole being that the stage is my home and that's a feeling i never want to lose. And of course if the crowd responds and cheers you on, its the cherry on top, its incredible. ​I'm just thankful we get to do it, if you told 5 year old me (who used to lock herself in the bathroom singing I Will Always Love You, my grandma banging on the door for me to stop), that one day she'd be on stage with Lacuna Coil, I would not have believed it.

Who are your personal musical inspirations?

​My biggest inspirations are Ian Kenny of Karnivool/Birds of Tokyo and Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode. I've always admired the poise and emotion they convey with their voices, and I find they're different, there's something odd and unusual in them as performers, and I tend to identify with that. Honestly, If I hadn't seen Karnivool at the Sands Tavern 10 years ago when I first moved to Australia, I probably wouldn't be here. I saw them perform and I thought, I want to do that, that exact thing, and I was sure that I could. I never looked back.

If you could choose any 4 bands, past or present, to play a show with, who would they be?

​I think my top would always be Rammstein. I admire their showmanship and i love their music, so that would be the dream. If Karnivool, IAMX and Devin Townsend joined, that would be the best show on Earth.

Obsidian is out August 4. You can find 'Fade' on Spotify now.

You can find them here:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FlynnEffectMusic/

Twitter: @FlynnEffectBand

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