You, Me And Everything In Between - Belle Haven

Artist: Belle Haven

Album: You, Me And Everything In Between

Genre: Post Hardcore

Review by Steve Jenkins

Melbourne's Belle Haven are about to skyrocket into international success with their second studio album, You, Me And Everything In Between, as they deliver one of the strongest releases of the year.

This ultra talented five-piece have put in huge amounts of hard work and effort, growing their fan-base and taking their music to that next level. Those that already listen to Belle Haven know this, as the band treat them as if each individual, not matter who they are or where they are from, as an honorary member. This is a new era, a time where music is evolving and where bands now have to go out of their comfort zone in order to achieve certain goals and success. You, Me And Everything In Between is the album that will be sure to boost Belle Haven to the very top of the next generation of brilliant alternative music acts that Australia has to offer.

The album starts off with 'You.' which gives us a super catchy and energetic guitar intro before bursting into a heartfelt and sincere performance from front-man David Vernon who really gives everything, and you can hear it. Musically speaking, you can tell that the band has matured since their 2015 album, Everything Ablaze. The guitars sound more technical and more intimate, the drums and bass keep the temp on each track and they are as loud as they are involved with every other element that you hear. The album seems to bounce back and forth between a chaotic metalcore sound as well as an almost darkened post-hardcore feel, both of which accomplish emotion on a rather big scale. One of the more interesting traits that this album holds is the ability to interchange between a discordant and almost erratic sound, then straight into a more comfortable and soothing balance. It's quite remarkable and they definitely get points for pulling that off so well, as it can often come across as sounding confusing and awkward.

Some of the standout tracks on here are placed perfectly throughout the record, from the opening track 'You.' followed by the aggressively dynamic 'The Carving Knife'. These two songs really showcase the intensity and wonderfully executed musicianship that Belle Haven are so good at. 'Burn The Witch' is another strong offering, with a bit more of a brutal approach, almost taking me back to some of the old Norma Jean days. But it also pulls off a beautiful chorus that you'll find yourself singing along to, in between banging your head to the super punchy and crushing guitars. 'By Hook Or By Crook' is where things get a more slower and impassioned, as we hear an incredible performance once again for Vernon while he pours his heart out in this emotional and powerful track.

Everything about You, Me And Everything In Between is real, genuine, convincing and most importantly, original. There's so much feeling and raw talent on offer here that it's hard to pick on something, because there really isn't much to flaw at all to be perfectly honest. You can't really just put Belle Haven into one category or one sub-genre of music, they're just really bloody good at the end of the day. This album is a roller coaster of emotions that has a light at the end of the ride, that light being the shining success of this exceptional release.

9 stars out of 10.

You, Me And Everything In Between is out June 16th via Greyscale Records. Get your copy here.

Watch the official music video for the track 'Selfmade' below:

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