Spotlight: Azreal

Artist: Azreal

Genre: Thrash Groove Metal

For Fans Of: Lamb Of God, Sepultura, Rob Zombie

Gold Coast four piece Azreal have been around for a while. With numerous tours, two albums, and countless fans picked up along the way, Azreal have been making a name for themselves with their intense yet aggressively catchy signature style of groove metal for quite a few years now.

Currently on their Beast Coast Tour, which is seeing them travel up and down the East Coast, taking their infectious fusion of thrash metal with them to new and old fans alike, the boys have been known to put on a fast paced, heavy live show. Having supported the likes of DevilDriver, Sevendust, Superheist, Frankenbok, and Dreadnaught, as well as playing on Toxicon, Metal Madness XIII, and Shredfest 2017, the band have certainly proven their capabilities on the stage.

Keen to add more releases to their already tight discography, the band quartet are currently writing and recording a follow up release to their 2014 album, Premonition. Giving fans a bit of a hint as to what they can expect, the boys recently released 'Beast', with an accompanying lyric video. The track is 3 minutes and 10 seconds of in your face brutality, which is sure to translate well to the shows they're going to be doing over the next few months.

Bringing the heavy, Azreal are certainly one to watch for all of you metal fans out there. If you'd like to catch them live, you can check out their tour dates below to find out when they're going to next be near you.

'Beast' is out now on Spotify and iTunes.

Check out the lyric video below

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