World Inferno - Entrails

Artist: Entrails

Album: World Inferno

Genre: Death Metal

Review by Steve Jenkins

With the release of World Inferno, Entrails have reinvented themselves once again, offering a good solid album. Their high quality and extremely tight execution of death metal seems to have gone to a new level, and that comes through clearer than ever on this album. World Inferno takes you on a hellish ride through the dirty, disgusting and dangerous destinations of the death metal genre.

As evident on this album, Entrails take that ancient Swedish death metal sound and couple it with a crisp, thick production that adds elemental intensity to the effort. This is one of the things I truly enjoy about Entrails, not to mention the death metal brutality that appears so effortless and ugly. The title track, which is also the opener, lets you know right off the bat just what to expect when that growling froth spews forth amidst a torrent of expansive guitar riffs that leave welts and bruising with hideous perfection. Some might argue that the sound this band offers is nothing really new, and they may well be right. However, with many of the forerunners of the genre, namely Grave and Entombed, leaving deep tracks to follow it’s no wonder people are clamoring for this coveted sound some 20-years after the fact. I suppose the simplicity and familiarity in the sound makes Entrails all the more engaging since this type of death metal still commands an audience after so many years.

By the time the second track 'Condemned To The Grave' hits, I’m fully at the mercy of the Scandinavian sickness once again, these horrid chords that hit my eardrums like a sledgehammer to the side of the head are just so damn heavy. While Entrails began an unearthly existence around the same time as many of the main players we know and hail today, the band lay dormant for nearly 20 years with all of this raging violence sitting on shelves, both mental and musical. Introducing a new generation of fans to the likes of 'The Soul Collector', 'Insane Slaughter' or 'Suffer' can only give the genre a much needed jolt, and the youth deserves to hear this music done with such attentive perseverance. The galloping riffing in 'Dead And Buried' is precisely the ingredient necessary to introduce that desired feeling of explosiveness and rage in any true death metal fan’s heart. This is that classic sound in every facet.

The things that really hooked me onto this album, at least at first, were the vocals. They take the stage and drive the mix, like any good extreme metal vocals should, and the tone at which the vocals are growled is almost as crunchy and death-like as the guitars themselves. Mechanically, they’re made up of low bellows generally reserved for choruses and middle-pitched growls generally reserved for everything else. It sounds fantastic, it meshes with the rest of the album’s groovy nature, and the power behind the vocalists voice is unmistakably immense. .

That chunky, crunchy guitar tone will stay with your ears until you put the album down, and its well-executed idiot-friendly guitar play cements the idea that Entrails aren’t attempting to turn the metal world upside down. They just want to make music that kills people, so they did. I respect that, fellas.

World Inferno, in its purist form, is an album that represents a historical period that always finds itself rejuvenated at the best possible times. When you think all is lost and the death metal genre no longer has life, it makes its diseased presence known in releases such as this. In the end, the final verdict is a very positive one. In my opinion, this is one of the best death metal albums I’ve ever heard this year. The general arrangement and the placing of the songs are adequate and it feels cohesive. It does not feel repetitive and it stays unrelenting and heavy from the very beginning. Despite their band logo being identical when comparing it with Entombed, this is the real deal and it's some seriously catchy, scary and top-notch death metal.

8 out of 10 stars.

World Inferno is out now via Metal Blade Records.

Watch the official video for the track 'The Soul Collector' below:

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