Part Two: Most Metal Theme Songs In Wrestling

A wrestlers entrance song is one of the most important parts of the character when it comes to adding to the spectacle, as well as dictating the way fans and opponents may perceive a certain performer (most of the time). It can excite fans when they hear that first few seconds because they know who's about to walk down that ramp towards the ring. It can cause people to feel emotion, whether it's joy, trepidation, or even hatred towards a certain wrestler. Lots of heavy metal and hard rock songs have filled that role quite ably over the years, and here are a few that we think are worthy of a mention.

1. Stone Cold Steve Austin probably has the most recognizable theme song ever when it comes to wrestling entrance songs. When you hear that glass shatter, you know that there's some hell raising about to go down. Stone Cold was without a doubt the biggest draw for both the WWE and wrestling in general back in the lates 90's and early 2000's, and definitely worth a mention in the conversation of who was the greatest of all time. They even got Disturbed to do a version of his famous theme song when he turned heel (bad guy) back in 2001 for a brief period. Even for non-Disturbed fans, the track is pretty damn catchy, So sit back, grab a beer, raise hell, and turn it up to eleven, WHAT?

Listen to Stone Cold's original theme, followed by the Disturbed version below:

2. Seth Rollins is a metalhead himself and has been seen at a few metal concerts headbanging in the moshpit. So it's no surprise that Rollins has a pretty kickass entrance song, and when those drums start pounding and that riff kicks in, you know exactly who's about to come through that curtain and onto the stage. It's pretty much everything you need in a theme song, being both catchy and heavy. A band called Downstait have recently re-recorded the theme song and added their own lyrics which actually works quite well. All hail the Kingslayer!

Listen to Seth Freakin' Rollins' original theme song as well as the Downstait version below:

3. Chris Jericho. There is one thing you can say about him, and that is that the guy knows how to make an entrance. Jericho has left and returned to WWE on several occasions. During his various hiatuses, he has pursued acting, toured with his heavy metal band Fozzy, and penned several books about his remarkable career, but he’s always found his way home to show the Universe that he’s still got life left in the tank. With the heart of a lion, the voice of a rocker, and the will of a champion, Chris Jericho will always be there to break down walls, barriers, and opponents in equal measure.

Listen to his classic and original WWE entrance theme as well as the latest Fozzy single 'Judas' below:

4. Batista, now turned Hollywood hero after his role of Drax in Guardians Of The Galaxy, used to spear his opponents and give them a devastating Batista Bomb, giving him the nickname of 'The Animal'. He was powerful, angry, and he even had a theme song by Saliva. One of the better modern entrances, it plays well, it's aggressive (much like Batista himself), and it complements the wrestler’s intensity.

Listen to 'I Walk Alone' by Saliva below:

5. Finn Balor debuted in WWE's developmental terrority, NXT, less than a year ago and is already near the top of many people's favorite superstars list. Having made a name for himself in Japan as Prince Devitt, Balor was already ahead of the game when he showed up in WWE. But when Balor puts on the war paint and becomes The Demon, his entrance is like no other and his incredible symphonic metal theme earned him a spot on this list. Oh, and this guy can really wrestle too.

6. Braun Strowman, with his towering frame and intimidating aura, strikes fear into his opponents with his monstrous presence alone. His music is simple, yet effective, and it fits Strowman like a glove. He means business every single time he walks to that ring, and as he marches forth, his music is blaring as his opponent is standing in the ring scared for their life. Another modern theme song with WWE incorporating metal into the entrance music.

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