Hollow World Release New Video Clip

Melbourne melo-death band Hollow World have treated fans to a brand new clip for the third single off of their debut album, Exanimate. The clip for 'Patient Zero' was filmed by Miki Simankevicius during the band's set as they supported the legendary Fleshgod Apocalypse in Melbourne last month.

"The song is about the first human to become infected with the virus that ends up wiping out the human race. The song focuses on the severity of the victim's symptoms and the way these are viewed by the medical staff treating him. The song sits early in the Exanimate album narrative, before the virus has spread to cause chaos globally," explains vocalist Ben Roberts of the track's significance to the concept of the album.

The track was actually meant to be used on the bands last EP, The Wrath Kept Within, but as guitarist Michael Truscott explains, it was too new and would've needed to be rushed, which they didn't want to do. "I remember we weren't sure about the middle chug section in Patient Zero for a while, before deciding it worked well enough to leave as is. The ending breakdown section was tweaked for a while before we eventually decided on having a last minute solo from Theo (Goslett) to top it all off", says Truscott.

Exanimate is available to purchase via the band's website and bandcamp.

Check out the video for 'Patient Zero' below

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