Polaris Release New Track Consume, Available As Free Download

South-Sydney heavy five-piece Polaris have released a brand new track, 'Consume', which you can get as a free download by heading to www.polarisaus.com.au . Recorded in Polaris' self-made, self-owned studio in Mollymook, NSW, it was overseen by America's Carson Slovak and Grant MacFarland of Atrium Audio.

Vocalist Jamie Hails talks about recording the song, "Consume for me was actually quite fun to record as we played around with different vocal techniques and expressions to get the song to come across just right. Out of all our songs we have released to date I would have to say this is my favourite.

Drummer Daniel Furnari explains the meaning behind the song, "At its core, Consume is a reflection on dissatisfaction - a manufactured dissatisfaction that I think is almost universal. Constantly we're conditioned to want more, convinced that we're missing something that everyone else around us has and that the answer is right in front of our eyes if we're willing to pay for it, or work for it, or believe in it." He adds, "It's that "greener on the other side" feeling, an envy that's been subconsciously built up in all of us to the point that we'll do anything to relieve it just temporarily. Fuelled by advertising, by social media, and by the false images of contentment that a lot of people around us feel they have to project. It's not that this contentment doesn't exist - I feel like it's out there - but maybe the answers aren't as simple and tangible as we've been led to believe."

Head to www.polarisaus.com.au and receive Consume for free now. 

Catch Polaris on the road with In Hearts Wake. IN HEARTS WAKE TOUR DATES: Monday 10 July: Capitol, Perth - 18+ Tuesday 11 July: The Gov, Adelaide - Licensed All Ages Thursday 13 July: The Forum, Melbourne - 18+ Friday 14 July: Enmore Theatre, Sydney - Licensed All Ages Saturday 15 July: The Tivoli, Brisbane - 18+ 

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