Awkward Phase - Eternal Boy

Artist: Eternal Boy

Album: Awkward Phase

Genre: Pop-punk

Review by Nicole Roberts

Eternal Boy have made a name for themselves as throwback pop-punk heroes. Their music is the ultimate ode to the pop-punk of yesteryear, when it was at its energetic prime. After touring extensively and honing their craft under their old name, The SpacePimps, Awkward Phase is their first album under the new name.

From the very first track, 'Clean Slate', the album brings on the nostalgia in droves, and shows how it would happily fit in on the Drive-Thru Records roster. It's high energy, with a catchy chorus, fast paced drumming, and upbeat guitars that will make you want to tap your feet. It carries on that way through the record, whether it's the track that was released as a single, 'Growing Pains', or

The thing you have to remember when listening to the album is the fact that it IS a throwback pop-punk album, so at times it can sound very familiar and can almost border on cliche. From the lyrical themes to the upbeat riffs, there isn't a lot of groundbreaking originality in the album. There's no real moment where you think 'oh wow, that's new and unexpected, BUT to be perfectly fair, I really don't think they were striving for that. They're very upfront with the fact that they're a throwback band who draw heavily from the heyday of pop-punk, and they do achieve their goal of triggering a nostalgia for the good old days, so a slight lack of innovation is to be expected.

The album can also blend together a little bit given the lack of diversity between the tracks. While the album as a whole is consistently high quality and is full of catchy moments, there are no stand out tracks that will necessarily stick out. The thing that saves it is the fact that it's so consistently good, so while it would've been great if there had been at least on track that really jumped out, it's still a strong album from beginning to end.

6.5 out of 10.

Awkward Phase is out July 14. You can pre-order it here.

Check out 'Growing Pains' below

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