Hollow World Release Reusable Cups

'Coffee is metal, destroying the planet isn't' is the reasoning behind Melbourne melo-death band Hollow World's new line of merch. Have released the album Examinate, which explored the demise of mankind and the negative impact we're having on our fragile Earth, the band wanted to do more to influence a positive change. "Did you know that takeaway coffee cups aren't recyclable?" guitarist Theo Goslett asks. "It's estimated that as many as three billion coffee cups are sold each year in Australia. And most of these aren't recycled – they're piling up in landfill and escaping into our rivers, parks and marine systems. If you use this cup for as little as ten coffees then you've already saved more plastic from going to landfill than it took to make the cup." The cups feature a heat resistant silicon band around the middle and a secure screw on lid. As an added bonus they are BPA free and dishwasher safe and are available now via the Hollow World webstore. It's time to make a change as even little lifestyle choices can have a massive influence on the impact we all have on the environment.

You can get your cup now here.

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