Vicious, Lawless - Frankenbok

Artist: Frankenbok

Album: Vicious, Lawless

Genre: Heavy metal

Review by Steve Jenkins

As a band that have represented the Aussie heavy metal community for many years, Frankenbok have paved their own path for the local metal scene, gaining a following that have always garnered them respect and fans across the world. A live Frankenbok show usually consists of beer, beards and tough sweaty metal heads swinging their long hair around to the awesome and crushing sounds of this veteran heavy act, always providing good times and even better memories. Now they're back with a new album titled Vicious, Lawless and it's an absolute killer of a record. Putting their signature balls to the wall metal sound, hardworking DIY ethics and sheet intensity to work, the band have created a strong album in a year full of excellent releases (so far).

Ten songs of relentless metal, showcasing an amazing display of talented musicians that can shred with the very best. It's the Frankenbok we've all grown to know and love over the years, and they have once again delivered the ferocity and monstrous sound with added raw intensity. The opening track pummels the listener with an assault of heavy artillery, aggressive vocals, shredding guitars and speedy drum blasts creating a frenzy of horn raising metal. Frankenbok have my attention.

Frankenbok dabble with some catchy groove hooks that lead to some standout track such as "Drive It Into The Ground" and "Of Chaos & Fear" - both excellent. You can easily imagine standing in the mosh pit banging your head as you're getting soaked in Melbourne Bitter without a care in the world. The riffs are heavy, the growls are deep, the distortion is turned up high. Frankenbok have mustered up a fine piece of heavy metal that will please new fans as well as the the ones that have been listening since day one.

7 out of 10 stars.

Vicious, Lawless is out July 14th. You can pre-order it here.

TOUR DATES Saturday, August 19: The Evelyn Hotel, Melbourne Friday, August 25: The Bald Faced Stag, Sydney Saturday, August 26: The Back Room Brisbane Friday, September 1: The Boston, Perth Saturday, September 2: The Edinburgh Castle Hotel, Adelaide

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