Monuments - Edguy

Artist: Edguy

Album: Monuments

Genre: Heavy Metal

Review by Tomina Vincent

Edguy are one of those bands. They’re incredibly ambitious and flamboyant, and their latest offering Monuments delivers exactly that – an epic and overwhelmingly enchanting experience that just sucks you right in.

This band has been around the sun a few times, and they have a legacy worthy of admiration after decades of hard work. To celebrate their 25th anniversary, Edguy are treating fans to a huge 3cd release featuring 22 tracks from the band's catalogue and 5 brand new songs, plus the previously unreleased ‘Reborn In The Waste’ from their The Savage Poetry era. In short, hell yes. Here’s what we thought of the new material.

If you’re like me, you probably love a bit of corny and cheesy music, and you can find those traits in abundance in Monuments. But somehow, it works, and the band manages to skillfully navigate past the cringe worthy and safely walk into pure heavy metal fun.

The album’s opening track 'Ravenblack' is the perfect introduction to the rest of the record – it sounds like a classic. The vocals are truly incredible, reminiscent of Blind Guardian, and the chorus hits like a truck: ’You fade away/Walls they gave in on you/I'm the ground that's gonna open’. I have to admit the ‘They say you've got to want it, On the treadmill’ made me cringe a little. Otherwise this is a song that makes you want to go on a quest; it’s a beautiful, nerdy heavy metal masterpiece.

'Wrestle the Devil' brings my attention to how good the production is on this record, in particular the drums. The song is a sort of anthem. Lines like ‘We’re gonna wrestle the devil, we’re gonna wrestle the devil tonight’ make you want to get the devil horns up in the air and go fight a medieval battle. There is a nod to Lord of the Rings which made me gasp with happiness: ‘Raiding Mordor for the evil spoof/Wrestle the devil/Furry fellow with your cloven hoof/Wrestle the devil’

The guitar work is divine, and once again we are treated to a corny but super fun track that is 100% Edguy.

'Open Sesame' comes in without mercy. The chugging riffs suck you in straight away. It’s impossible to stand still listening to this. Its fast and groovy and an absolute headbanger. I imagine this would be the crown jewel of an Edguy live show. The guitar solo is the best one on the record for me – it should be performed on top of a cliff with lightning and thunder behind the guitarist.

'Landmarks' is another ‘No mercy’ track, starting off with awesome guitar work. I find it to be a little too similar to 'Open Sesame' so it loses its impact for me – maybe placing it elsewhere would make it stand out more. The drums make me think of riding a horse into battle, its serious fun listening to this. There is another great guitar solo here, though this song is missing some of the catchiness of the earlier tracks on the album.

'The Mountaineer' is a transporting track, although a little repetitive again. The whole song feels like one big guitar solo. Fantastic production, soaring vocals and a chugging rhythm that just makes you want to stomp your feet. My only disappointment with this one is the abrupt ending – it’s something that is present throughout and somewhat of an annoyance at this point of the record.

9-2-9 slows us down and is a welcome change of pace. As soon as I hear ‘Been sailing across the seas/ We never arrived but always believed/And now for the first time time I feel/ The port I was too blind to see’, I want to scream it. My favourite chorus on the album. This song transports you to another time and place. It feels like a power ballad of sorts, and it has an optimism and grandeur to it that I immediately fall in love with. It's perfect.

As well as being treated to brand new material, the CD offers all time Edguy favourites like 'Lavatory Love Machine', 'Tears of a Mandrake', 'Love Tyger' and many, many more, spanning their entire career. My advice is you pick this up right now and immerse yourself in the Edguy experience. This is a band composed not only of brilliant musicians, but also a band of engaging storytellers and they do it very well. It’s the most fun you can have with your clothes on.

9 out of 10 stars.

Monuments is out now via Nuclear Blast.

Check out the lyric video for 'Wrestle The Devil' below

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