Adrenaline Mob Involved In Fatal Crash

Tragic news has submerged involving heavy metal supergroup, Adrenaline Mob, as they were involved in a fatal vehicle crash on their way to St. Petersburg. Unfortunately is has now become known that the bands bassist David Zablidowsky has passed away, with several others injured.

It has been reported that the band’s RV was pulled over on the side of the road to fix a flat tire when they were struck by a tractor-trailer that veered off the highway. In addition to the fatality, six people were injured. The condition of the other band members is not known yet but patrol officers have confirmed that some of the injured were in the band’s RV, which caught on fire. Adrenaline Mob’s other band members are singer Russell Allen (also of Symphony X), guitarist Mike Orlando and drummer Jordan Cannata.

We at Insert Review Here would like to send our best wishes and thoughts to the friends and family of David, as well as the other members of Adrenaline Mob and everyone else who was involved in this absolutely terrible accident.

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