Spotlight: Balloons Kill Babies

Instrumental prog and post rock and metal bands are really experiencing a moment of huge popularity right now. From heavyweights such as Animals As Leaders to smaller, but still incredibly potent acts such as sleepmakeswaves and Plini, everybody can't get enough of the unique genre. Blending the aggressive, guitar heavy sound that metal is so well known for, with and artistic and experimental flavour to create a truly diverse sound, the entire genre is a treasure trove of exploration and interesting new music. Luckily for us, Australia has some incredibly strong talents in the field, and Balloons Kill Babies are one such shining star.

The three piece band, hailing from Brisbane, Queensland, have really been making moves lately. With new drummer and percussionist Scott Davey (formerly Dead Letter Circus), and with their new album Prodromal on the horizon, which was produced by ARIA award winner Govinda Doyle, the trio have released some tasty new tunes. Leading with 'Hftk', and more recently, the epic 'Illuzia', the hype for the new album has been steadily growing, as people eagerly anticipate the follow up to their debut EP Leviathan. The albums newest single 'Illuzia', which is Hungarian for illusion, is a cathartic dreamscape, moving effortlessly from ambient serenity to absolute chaos.

To further demonstrate exactly why they're such an exciting force in Australian music, their film clips are the perfect visual accompaniment to their music. Matching the changes from absolute ambience to distorted disarray perfectly, their film clip for 'Illuzia' (which you can have a squizz at below) is a truly great example of how to create an epic video to compliment and enhance the music. Their video, which was filmed in collaboration Luke McClean (Shots for Bands) and Beau Sharpe, is definitely worth a watch.

The band have also played with some of the world's best and leading instrumental and prog acts such as Anathema, The Ocean, KLONE, Voyager, Like Thieves, Sydonia, Hazards of Swimming Naked, and more. They've traipsed across Australia countless times spreading their heavy, dark music as they go, endearing people to them with their dynamic shows.

With their epic collection of music, captivating live shows and intriguing music videos, Balloons Kill Babies are really establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the world of instrumental post-rock. Do yourself a favour and catch them now as they continue to rise to the top of the genre.

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