Blink & You'll Miss It - Mecha Mecha

Artist: Mecha Mecha

Album: Blink & You'll Miss It

Genre: Neo Classical Alt-rock

Review by Nicole Roberts

Brisbane's Mecha Mecha are an interesting band. Their sound is different and eclectic, which seems to be what they're striving for. It has a subtle distinction which sets them apart of other alternative rockers, but they don't seem to have their own signature sound as of yet. Instead, their EP is a mixed bag of influences, sounds, and moods, which does serve to keep it interesting.

The album kicks off quite well, with 'Your Choice'. Opening with quite grungy, distorted guitars, it quickly slides into softer, more melodic territory. While the track is an easy listen, it doesn't immediately grab you on the first go through. Instead, it takes a few listens to really understand what it is about it that makes you want to sway in your seat. It's certainly an intriguing song though, and it does make you come back to it over and over, if only to figure out what exactly it is about it that you like so much.

Next up is 'Pulp'. It takes a sharp left turn from where 'Your Choice' was musically sitting at, choosing to go down a wildly different path, sonically speaking. It's generally lighter, it's more mellow and the song moves at a very different pace to 'Your Choice'. What I like about Mecha Mecha is that they seem to be quite good at is writing songs in which all of the instruments are doing something interesting, without making the song sound like there's far too much going on. No instrument is just playing for the sake of it, and the interplay between the instruments makes for an interesting combination. This track is a good example of that.

'Dealbreaker' is by far my favourite. The lead single from the album is a sultry, moody stand out track. From the opening distorted guitar and driving drums to the seductive feel of the chorus, it's dark and provocative rock at its best. It ebbs and flows, and is just a genuinely well written song. It had even the most hardened metal lover tapping his foot along to it.

Penultimate track 'Food Sex Shelter' again veers in a completely different direction. This track has more of a mystical feel. With its serenading violin, enchanting piano and crooning vocals, its sound is in such stark contrast to the previous tracks that if the singer didn't have such a distinctive voice, you'd be hard pressed to convince me that it was the same band. The song is nice, but I don't really quite know what to do with it.

Closing out the release is 'Obliged'. which I have to admit, is my least favourite song. While the rest of the songs were memorable in their own distinctive way, this track pales in comparison. It does have some strong factors, and in some parts the relationship between the instruments is interesting and bordering on dynamic, but as a whole, the song is a bit of a flat note on an otherwise quality release.

Numerous days and multiple listens and I still can't decide how much I like this album. Don't get me wrong, I think it's incredibly strong for the most part, and there is clearly huge potential with this band. 'Dealbreaker' for me could've made even the worst EP bearable so the weight it puts behind a genuinely interesting and strong release such as Blink & You'll Miss It is great. The first two tracks are also really intriguing and fun - it's just the last two tracks that I'm not as sure of. Taking into consideration the fact that it's their sophomore EP though, and a solid one at that, I am leaning much more towards the positive. You should check it out either way, since there's something on there for nearly everyone.

7 out of 10 stars.

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