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Drown This City are a a part of a new generation of heavy post-hardcore music. Led by the supremely talented Alex Reade, the band have been kicking goals since their beginning. Within 12 months o their inception, they released a lauded debut EP False Idols, sold out their first live show at Workers Club in Melbourne, played the Rolling Stone's Live Lodge event series, supported Falling In Reverse, Lacuna Coil and Capture The Crown, signed to Bear Parts Music and shared the stage with the likes of Violent Soho, Northlane, Thy Art is Murder, Polaris and more at UNIFY GATHERING Festival - not bad for a band still in their early days! With Reade's unique contrast of simple, beautiful vocals and her harsher, heavier range, the band's sure to continue to rise at this meteoric pace.

We had a chat with their formidable frontwoman as they tour the country in support of their brilliant new single, 'BEND/BREAK'.

How would you describe Drown This City to anyone not familiar with your band?

I’m yet to find a good way to describe us. We have a LOT of synth and bouncy guitars so we fit post-hardcore thing, but then, we’ve got this aggression that a lot of people connect to metalcore... Probably a cross between over-synthy Metalcore/Post-hardcore and fronted by a choir girl living out her heavy metal fantasies! No but really, we change it up between songs with a strong synth focus, to sort of energetic metalcore sounding songs that are just aggressive. Yet to figure out a good way to describe us!

Your new single BEND/BREAK has been receiving quite a bit of attention (and rightly so!). How have you found the reception?

It’s been great, because every new release a band obviously wants it to be a step up and we really felt that the song-writing, production and overall execution was better. So as long as we keep getting better, and people keep reacting with a positive response, it’s all good.

You’ve played some pretty huge shows, from playing UNIFY to supporting Falling In Reverse and Lacuna Coil, and you’re now about to hit the road to tour with Save The Clock Tower. Are you excited to play these shows and meet some new fans?

Yes! The boys are so excited, we just get to hang out as a family, make new mates, and do what we love the most every weekend for a month. It’s different playing the bigger shows, they were challenges in that we had to rise to the occasion and be professional and play well compared to superstar bands. But this tour, the people who come to the shows are there for us, they have an expectation of us, so we need to win them over. It’s way more pressure.

What’s your favourite thing about playing live shows?

As a band it’s the greatest experience ever! And we come off stage and just fucking hug and jump around and it’s the bond that keeps us together through all the other shit we have to do as a band haha. For me, it’s the pure energetic experience of unleashing the insurmountable amount of rage and pain I carry around. I just lose my mind and get completely lost in the adrenaline and the connection of it all. I want to play every single night. Forever.

Your music has a lot of passion and heart behind it. Have you consciously gone into writing your material with a message in mind or does it just come naturally?

I’m just straight up emo haha! I don’t express my emotions much in real life, I’m extremely private and only probably the boys know how I truly feel. So I just pour everything out into the songs, and I still feel like I can’t even begin to say what I want lyrically so I just fucking scream them instead and that feels good. I couldn’t survive without have the outlet of being on stage.

How did you get into post-hardcore music?

I used to listen to classical music a lot, as well as all the old classics and indie music, but then I started working with a group of guys back in my hometown Brisbane, and they corrupted me! The first ever song I ever heard with screaming was an It Dies Today song, then I got into Lamb of God, As I Lay Dying, and eventually Parkway Drive, Alexisonfire and AFI. I was more of a metalcore fan to start with, then made my way into post-hardcore. I can’t even describe the feeling of hearing screaming for the first time but it changed my life, I’ll never go back.

Did you always know that music was going to play such a huge part in your life?

Absolutely, I never cared about anything else since I was about 5. I’ve lived and breathed music in all genres since then, I can’t imagine doing anything else. However I wanted to be an opera singer until I was about 18, so not sure how I ended up screaming in a band!

If you could choose any 4 bands, past or present, to play a show with, who would they be and why?

Muse, Parkway Drive, Hacktivist and the Prodigy. All together in one - I think it could work.

You can grab their newest single, 'BEND/BREAK' online now. You can also catch them on tour with Save The Clock Tower now (details below).

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