Terra Cerebral - Nucleust

Artist: Nucleust Album: Terra Cerebral Genre: Extreme Progressive Metal

Review by Jackson Price What is it about Perth and prog? It seems like the Western Australian capital isn’t going to rest until the title of “Australia’s most Prog city” is bannered across it’s postcards and emblazoned upon a huge sign that greets you at the airport. Nucleust have made a very convincing argument in support of my theory with their latest release and debut album Terra Cerebral. The eclectic and groovy full length is the bands follow up to two earlier EPs, “Fractured Equilibrium” (2014) and “Resistivity” (2016), and shows a fantastic mix of well developed song writing, cool riffs, aggression, experimentation, cool riffs, at times doomy/goth style feels, and now I do that thing where I say ”did I mention cool riffs?”. The boys from Nucleust open the album up with ‘Lullaby Paranoia’, an ominous yet driving track that eases the listener into the type of heaviness and array of vocal styles to come, but then track the progresses with a much more choppy, aggressive feel and it leaves you wondering which way the record will go next. As Terra Cerebral continues there little to no filler with a twisting winding soundscape that keeps the audience interested the whole way through, even after the 3rd or 4th play through in an afternoon. Tracks like ‘Quantum Umbrella’ show the diverse and more experimental nature of the bands material, while songs such as ‘Of Man and Tree’, ‘The Symphony of Revenge’ and ‘The Inner Self’ show the more extreme and abrasive direction of the bands sound.

While some prog type albums can become more about the artist showing off their chops and leaving solid song writing at the starting line, with the music blazing through to the finish without any thought of “is this actually a song?” and some extreme music is written in a vein to ostracise those less familiar and understanding of the culture and sheer intensity, Nucleust however seem to have found that zone. They combine technical proficiency, catchy hooks and raw aggressive music, producing a sound that allows them to move across a large spectrum of ideas while keeping a coherent tune that flows very well. Terra Cerebral left me intrigued with the idea of where this band will go next. It shows a bunch of extreme metal musicians writing and performing music that could easily grab the attention of fans outside the usual death and black metal realms, and also leaves the impression that these songs could translate really well to the live stage. They are definitely a band I am interested to hear more from in the future and a group I will try to catch at a live show on their upcoming tour in support of this album. 8 out of 10 stars

Terra Cerebral is out now via Rockpit Records.

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