Rackett Unveil Twisted New Video For 'Prey'

Pop punk queens Rackett aren't ones to do anything boring or predictable, so their latest twisted 60's cookbook meets silence of the lambs video is definitely staying on brand for the group.

Written and directed by Mathilde Nocquet, their video for 'Prey' is a quirky cooking lesson hosted by a young, beautiful and totally psychotic housewife. With it’s bright colours, retro feel and wacky bourgeois style, the film will bring you into a world of craziness leading by offbeat humour. Frenchy film director Mathilde Nocquet brings the sydney outfit’s playful new single ‘Prey’ to life, seducing the viewers with her unique flair and sassy sense of humour.

The song was inspired by a book on unique predatory animals. Upon learning about the strange behaviours used by these animals to attract their prey, I felt I could relate to the animals in the book that had become victims to a cleverly, deceptive predator. The concept for the video comes from the inspiration for the song; The food chain. We wanted to put a twist on the universal pecking order and capture the mercilessness of the ultimate predator; humans.” Rebecca Callander, Rackett

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