Red Hands Black Deeds - Shaman's Harvest

Artist: Shaman's Harvest

Album: Red Hands Black Deeds

Genre: Hard Rock/Blues Rock

Review by Nicole Roberts

I'm a huge sucker for any bluesy, southern, dirty rock, so when I first put Red Hands Black Deeds, it was destined to be love at first listen. With their pared back, hard hitting and ballsy take on hard rock, Shaman's Harvest have demonstrated why, with over 20 years and numerous studio albums under their belt, they're still one of the most high quality and interesting rock bands out there.

The album kicks off with an eerie, almost pirate-y opener. It's a really intriguing opener, and it sets such a somber mood that it's almost a shock when it moves into the heavy rock 'Broken Ones'. They keep the bluesy undertone, a trait we'll see carried on throughout the album, and it adds a really tasty twist to their sound.

Red Hands Black Deeds really has it all. If you want hard rock, you've got it with 'The Come Up', 'So Long' and 'Broken Ones', all of which are driving, gritty, powerful rock offerings. Want a crooning, compelling, emotionally fraught rock ballad? Well then 'Tusk and Bone', 'A Longer View' and the moody (and one of the best tracks on the album) 'Long Way Home' are going to be exactly what you need. 'Soul Crusher' straddles the line between straight up blues rock and hard rock, fusing the two main musical themes of the album perfectly, if you want a song that's a blend of both worlds. Or, if you came for the bluesy tracks, played with a brooding, moody vibe, drawling vocals and sultry guitars, then you won't be let down, with stellar tracks 'Off The Tracks', 'The Devil In Our Wake' (just wait until that track builds, it's magnificent) and stand out song 'Blood Trophies'.

It's a huge achievement for a band to be able to create an album that, from start to finish, has no let downs. For me, Red Hands Black Deeds is one of those rare releases that is made up of purely excellent songs. The band are masters of using their gritty, raw guitars, powerful vocals and compelling riffs to capture your attention, taking you on a ride that is full of high energy peaks and low, brooding troughs woven throughout the album. There's no filler, just track after track of killer.

Now excuse me while I go to listen to the album for the 4th time in the last 24 hours.

9.5 out of 10 stars.

Red Hands Black Deeds is out now via Mascot Records.

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