Self-Titled - Devil Electric

Artist: Devil Electric

Album: Self-Titled

Genre: Rock

Review by Nicole Roberts

Melbourne's Devil Electric have only been around since mid-2015, but they've already achieved a fair bit in their short time as a band. Touring in support of heavyweights such as Truckfighters and The Sword, appearing at CherryRock Festival in AC/DC Lane, and signing with Kozmik Artifactz after the success of their debut EP, The God Below, they've been kicking some major goals. Taking it one step further, they're now dropping their debut, self-titled album, and you can rest assured that it's full of the dirty, fuzzy, bluesy rock 'n' roll the band have become known for.

The album kicks off with 'Monologue (Where You Once Walked)'. From the opening distorted refrains of the guitar, you know what you're in for and by the time the crooning vocals of Pierina O’Brien kicks in, you're already hooked and committed to the ride. It's hard to nail their sound to a particular genre, since it seems they straddle a lot of lines - doom, rock, blues, stoner, metal, they've mixed it all together to create an interesting concoction.

The entire release flows nicely, with each track feeling like the band are paying homage to the rock gods of yesteryear, yet modernising it and putting their own unique twist on the sound. The vocals of O'Brien ensure the album has a constant haunting, seductive quality, while the heavy instrumentation means that even the heaviest of metal lover will enjoy the album.

One of the nice things about the album is that it sounds like one solid, cohesive piece of work. While some bands strive to create an album that's full of the unexpected, preferring to go heavy on the diversity rather making an album that plays like a long, coherent thought, Devil Electric definitely prefer the latter. Even their instrumental tracks connect perfectly with the other songs, ensuring each song runs effortless into the next.

The highlights for me would definitely be 'Lady Velvet' and 'The Sacred Machine'. There's something so familiar, yet so different, about both of the tracks. They're both heavy yet seductive, huge yet subtle, powerful yet haunting; basically, the best of heavy rock with a softer, sultry quality.

With their self-titled album, Devil Electric have created a really solid release. It's struck the right balance between paying homage to the rock and metal greats the band are inspired by and creating something new and uniquely theirs. Their combination of heavy rock instrumentation with the sultry vocals creates an interesting and intriguing sound that I'm sure will have fans hooked right up to the last note.

7 out of 10 stars.

Devil Electric will be out August 11th. You can pre-order it now here.

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