Smoke On This... - Rex Brown

Artist: Rex Brown

Album: Smoke On This...

Genre: Hard Rock

Review by Lyrical Jones

Having been a long time Pantera fan I was eager and nervous to hear Rex Brown's debut album Smoke On This. While I was not expecting a new Pantera album by any stretch, I was hesitant because often when musicians decide to take the solo road, the outcome is either really bad or mediocre at best; at least that is what I have found. That doesn't seem to be the case here. What we have here is Rex wearing his heart on his sleeve and being true to himself in true whiskey-soaked Texan culture. It's apparent that he has put his heart and soul into this one. Whether or not it will be a one-trick pony type deal remains to be seen, but Rex has surprised me with doing things on his own. I think overall there is something for everyone here with this record, whether it be you were a die hard Pantera fan and you're curious to see what one of the remaining members is capable of, or you just enjoy a solid rock record. Rex sounds great throughout the entirety of the effort and nothing seems overproduced, everything is audible here and the backing band is tighter than ever.

I wont go into specific tracks or what I feel that you should listen to as stand out songs because from listening, the album feels better listening to as a whole, it flows. Of course there is tribute to fallen comrade 'Dimebag Darrel' (Rest in Peace) that is sure to hit you in the heart and have you banging your head in unison. You're not going to find anything here ultimately groundbreaking, actually, at times I felt like I was listening to Alice in Chains or Clutch, and that is not a bad thing at all! But you are going to find a record that you can put on and have some friends over, break out the drinks and reminisce about the glory days of one the biggest bands that changed the face of metal channeled through the voice of its old bass player. This is Rex Brown stripped back and looking inside himself, pouring his soul into his music and the outcome is an enjoyable rock experience that will have you raising those devil horns and moshing around your lounge room. I am looking forward to see if Rex will continue down the path of the solo man and give us a sophomore album that is just as fun and enjoyable as this one has been.

8 out of 10 stars. Smoke On This... is out now via eOne Music.

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