Dead Cross - Dead Cross

Artist: Dead Cross

Album: Dead Cross

Genre: Punk Rock/Metal

Review by Lyrical Jones

What do you get when you throw specific members of Slayer, The Locust and Mike Patton into the same room together? Dead Cross apparently - a supergroup that has been a long time behind closed doors with countless teasing us over the years. The debut album is finally here and the result is an unrelenting outright insanely chaotic aural attack that will smash your senses to pieces and leave you there wondering what the fuck just happened me? Ok, so first of all I am a huge Patton enthusiast so I will try and keep this review as unbiased as possible. With Dave Lombardo doing what he does best at the helm of the drum kit, Justin Pearson lending bass duties formerly of The Locust, Michael Crain on guitar (Retox) and again Mike Patton on vocals (sporting a discography far too large to list here). Everyone shines. Everyone. The musicianship here is accurate and tight. But really, what would you expect from such an expansive lineup. Drums guitar and bass all cut like a razor sharp blade and everything seems to be well balanced in the mix.

The vocals are what you would expect .. schizophrenic, incoherent and sometimes just outright terrifying. There's no denying that Mr Patton is one of the most (if not the) hardest working and by far most versatile musicians around and that is still very apparent here. It is worth mentioning too that the previous vocalist was also from The Locust but left in band in 2016.

So now that I have got the personnel out of the way and praised them on their accolades, how does this record sound? And what does it have to offer you? The answer here is basically 'everything'. The bottom line is that if you enjoy any of the previous members bands, you're certain to like this. It's dirty, visceral punk metal/rock and its disgusting in the best way possible. Right out of the gate you feel the assault with the relentless barrage of 'Seizure and Desist' to the amazing 'Shillelagh' that will leave you wondering if you took a leap back back in time to 1983 when Suicidal Tendencies ruled the punk scene. Lyrically I have no idea what is going on but very rarely do concerning Patton's work and his crazy twisted mind. His vocal work on this though is excellent and as diabolical as ever. In conclusion, Dead Cross's long awaited debut album is a monster and clocks in at just the right time being just two minutes short of half an hour. Notable tracks are, well.. all of them. I enjoyed the album from start to finish and cannot wait to see what more Dead Cross have to offer. This album ripped my face clean off my skull, slapped the shit out of it and then threw it back at me, knocking me off my feet and you better believe that I loved every second of it. Hopefully it will do the same for know, if you're into that sort of thing. 10 out of 10 stars.

Dead Cross is out now via IPECAC Recordings.

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