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2017 has been a whirlwind start for the experimental, pop-punk outfit from Sydney, having completed a run of support shows for The Darkness (UK) as part of their Australian Tour, appeared at Secret Garden Festival, The Blurst of Times, Mountain Sounds Festival, Electric Lady as well as selling out their ‘Ready or Not’ single launch. Constantly performing, the band have developed an adventurous live show described by the The Music as ‘It’s intense, it’s magical’. 'Prey' is the third single to drop from RACKETT’s debut EP ‘Ready or Not’, scheduled for release in late 2017. We spoke with Bec, the lovely vocalist of the band about their upcoming EP, their live shows, raising awareness and much more.

How's everything with yourself and all things to do with RACKETT going right now?

Well, we're super busy and we're recording the next batch of songs. We just released a video clip, so yeah, still just working on our live show and trying to create a new show for our audience. Aside from that we've got our day jobs which keep us busy.

Of course. Your music video for 'Prey' is brilliant by the way. It's such an interesting mixture of colourful, lighthearted fun with a really sinister twist. Can you tell us a bit about how the idea for this video came about?

Oh thank you so much. The initial idea for the video clip came from the song, and the song was inspired by an encyclopedia at a library that I was reading about the food chain and how really interesting animals use deceptive tactics to lure their prey. It inspired me because at the time I was feeling trapt by a lover, I was feeling like the victim to a predator. So, the video came about through that concept with the food chain. Mathilde Nocquet is the director, she's a French director and she took that concept that was pretty much to create a victim and predator theme. She has a great sense of colour and she's very 'pop' so she went with that angle, and yeah that's how it all came about.

Very cool. A lot of time, work and special effects must have gone into the making of the video. What was the filming process like?

The filming process was amazing. It was the first time we'd turned up on set and everything was just amazingly organised and it was in a huge warehouse in Sydney. We had a huge team of around 15 people, some amazing outfits. All I pretty much had to do was dance around in some lingerie all day and we had a special table which I was made into, so that where my head is at the end, that was actually a table that had a hole in it, they locked me into it and I was in there for about two hours. So, it was pretty cool.

The song itself has got a bit more of a chilled out vibe when you compare it to your other releases. Is it a conscious decision to have such a varying sound?

Not really, we (RACKETT) have a whole range of musicians and genres and we create different songs from different background. So our bass player Ally, she's got a jazz background. Lead guitarist Kat, she's from a metal background, so yeah we're kind of really flexible and transient in our genres. Basically, what our fans are going to hear are different styles each time, that's what we hope.

Which artists and bands would you say most influence you as a musician?

Well, PJ Harvey is definitely an inspiration for me, because I love her and what she's done with her career and how she's transformed over the years and is now focusing more on singing about the community and how politics in our society is ran. So she's definitely a big inspiration for me, and I think the inspiration for this band really started from when we were all 10 or 11 listening to The Spice Girls. Yeah, I guess we kind of want to top that by actually playing the music that we're singing.

You're heading out on the road in September and October for some shows in support of your upcoming EP. Are you stoked to be playing alongside Killing Heidi?

So excited! We have two main shows, the first in Melbourne at Yah Yah's on the 22nd of September. Then back to Sydney the next day and doing one at the Chippendale Hotel on the 23rd. But yeah, we're so excited to be heading out on the road with Killing Heidi, I'm from Bundaberg, so playing to those rural demographics and those long term fans of Killing Heidi is exactly right up our alley.

You've also been doing a few shows over the past few months, how has the response been so far towards the new material and are you happy with the overall performances at these gigs?

It's been engaging, we aim to entertain and that's our main goal. We see a lot of live music and we just wanted to bring our audiences memorable experiences and interactive experiences, not just recreating the music and performing it. We've all come from theatrical backgrounds and performance arts backgrounds, so that platform is where we get all of that out on stage.

What can we expect from your new EP due out later this year? How's that coming along?

Yes, that's all done. That's just sitting there under the Christmas tree and we're working on some new stuff now. You would have heard three songs so far, and it was really hard for us to pick singles because they all sounded like singles. So, there's two more tracks that we haven't released yet that you'll be able to hear which we're pretty excited about.

Awesome stuff. You've got a new EP due out later this year. How was the process of writing and recording it?

We don't have a release date, we are currently in production making sleeves for the EP. We're working with a textile artist that focuses on reusable material, he is working with me at the moment to develop the packaging and once that's finalised, it'll be ready to buy.

How did you get into playing music? Did you always know that creating music was going to be such a huge part of your life?

I always knew I was going to be a performer. I tried many different mediums, I was a dancer for 14 years, I went through to getting a degree in tap, jazz and ballet. I was in the school band and then I went overseas and became a makeup artist, then I came back and wanted to be an actor, then I did a lot of theater work. I guess at the same time I always wanted to be a writer, so I think I only landed the certainty of what I wanted to do when I was 24 and that was when I realised that coming full circle and trying all of the different creative mediums, writing music was going to be the most encapsulating and fulfilling career path for me.

Terrific! Are you the main lyric writer for the band?

Yeah, I'm the writer but all the girls write the music as well and we're trying out different writing techniques and we're trying out different recording techniques.

Have you been in any bands before RACKETT where it wasn't an all female lineup and how would you compare that to being in the band you're in now?

As a teenager I was on the RSL circuit doing covers and all that jazz. When I decided at 24 years old to go down the path of making original music I was in a band called Bec & Ben, which was myself and another guy. Both experiences so far have been equally rewarding, I think having a lot of male presence in a band for me was quite distracting. It did inspire a lot of the music but I also found it was distracting because I find myself getting drawn to successful and inspiring people and some of my previous bandmates have been that way. So having an all girl band has really helped me to focus on the music and not the interpersonal aspects of the band. That's the only difference that I can think of right now, the other girls have had experiences. Our drummer Astrid, she's a sound engineer and she's had more of an exposure to issues with equality, but I haven't personally experienced that.

How did you all meet and come together to become RACKETT?

Well as I said, having Spice Girls as my muse at a very influential time in my life, it just stuck with me. So I just started thinking about this band idea, and along the way I met Ally who was playing at a house party, I met Kat who played with Bec & Ben for a month or two and Astrid is her partner. So it just kind of happened and it may have been a conversation I had with the girls that we all had this idea and then it was just the universe aligning after that idea. I was holding girl jams for years before that band came together and some nights 12 girls rock up with an arrangement of flutes and recorders, doing spoken word, and it was a bit of a challenge to find those super talented females that I felt could make the songs successful but when I did it just clicked.

Yeah very cool. So it will be pretty busy times ahead for you with the new EP coming out and a bunch of shows still to come, do you have any plans for next year and what do you hope to achieve with RACKETT?

I would love RACKETT to become an international band, I would love to be able to speak out about some of the issues that I see are negatively impacting our society. If I can get in front of as many people as I can to create a community around that, then that's really the ultimate goal. RACKETT is a vessel to create change and positive impact in the music industry and also for the World.

Would you like to bring some of some of those topics to the attention of the readers?

I think animal cruelty is the major one on my radar, I think the commercial brainwashing about consumption and commercialism is really making us disconnected from desire to care for other living beings. Then there's also poverty, third world countries and even in Australian, despite us not being a third world country, there's still a lot of poverty and homelessness happening. Just the dysfunctional rationing of resources which is making wealthy companies continue to live in gluttony and I see it everyday at the shops and in society, it's everywhere. It's an enormous sense of entitlement in my mind and I live in a first world society, so I would love to be able to shed light to that in equality and in just a standard in life. We need to really get back in touch with caring.

It's great you're raising that sort of awareness through your music and there needs to be more bands doing the same thing. What would you say to someone who hasn't gone to see RACKETT in a live atmosphere?

Come to a live show, let's do something weird for half an hour, step outside your comfort zone and have a great time.

Watch the music video for the single 'Prey' below:

RACKETT will also be featured as the face of General Pants fall/winter collection 2017.

Find RACKETT here:

Website: http://rackett.link/HQ I Facebook: http://rackett.link/facebook Youtube: http://rackett.link/youtube I Twitter: http://rackett.link/twitter Instragram: @rackett.tv I Snapchat: https://www.snapchat.com/add/racketttv

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