Spit You Out EP - APATE

Artist: APATE

Album: Spit You Out EP

Genre: Nu-Melalcore

Review by Jackson Price

APATE have grown a lot since they first started kicking around the Brisbane scene a few years back. The latest EP “Spit You Out” shows a young band that have developed not only their chops, but their general songwriting and their attention to detail. Their blend of Nu Metal and Metalcore mixed with good production value makes for a very heavy, at times grimy, at times dynamic and almost always angry recording.

In amongst the down tuned breakdowns and aggressive vocals you will also find some solid hooks and very memorable passages that reel the listener in. From start to finish APATE have created a specific atmosphere and feel across the whole EP. It’s slow and dark feel both offsets and intensifies the harsher vocal parts and effect washed guitar melodies, and it’s little details like this that make this latest release feel like a step up for APATE. It is a record that sets them apart from the plethora of bands currently contributing to the “Nu-“ revival.

“Spit You Out” opens up with second track “Bone Syndrome”, a very vocally driven hardcore inspired track to keep things on the front foot in the EP’s opening minutes. And while it does introduce some small concepts of what is to come, it also leaves a lot of new ideas and sounds to be introduced over the remainder of the recording, keeping things new and giving each song it’s own personality which is very refreshing.

Next up is “Split”, the first single and video released from the EP. Things really start to broaden out here with the band starting to show a bit more of what this release is about. That dark atmosphere I spoke about earlier and the haunting guitar line really sets the mood and lets you know the direction things are heading in. This is solidified and expanded on as the next track “Hangman” rolls in, showing more of that Nu type influence with a nice sprinkling of groove added to the building dark, gritty feel.

The 2 stand out tracks for myself were the EP title track “Spit You Out” and “Jackal”, which happen with quick succession as track 5 and 6. Spit You Out definitely lifts the recording up another notch with it’s diversity and dynamics, along with the fact they just nailed a really fucking cool song on that one. There’s parts in that song that will kick in and leave you thinking “Well, I didn’t really expect that to happen….. but this is really cool” before you hit the repeat button again. Meanwhile "Jackal" follows it up as the focused and angsty sonic steamroller. This is the angry one, this is the one for the people in the pit, this is the one that is going to have a big impact on a live audience.

As the EP comes to a close it spirals out with the intense “Bitter Pill”. A dissonant guitar lead and slow, purposeful battery of drums and bass brings “Spit You Out” to it’s end and has vocalist Zakk pushing out his final lines with a burst of contempt until the final notes fade out.

The band have released something really solid and crushing here, and proven that they can do more in the future too. This is something I would recommend to check out if you are into the current “Nu-revival” that’s happening, metalcore or original Nu metal, or if you are just a fan of chucking a mosh to some solid heavy breakdowns and cool sounding riffage.

8.5 out of 10.

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