Colossus - Triggerfinger

Artist: Triggerfinger

Album: Colossus

Genre: Rock/Alternative

Review by Nicole Roberts

Belgium based trio, Triggerfinger, have made a name for themselves with their left of center rock, where they happily experiment in a range of musical genres and inspirations. Their newest release, Colossus, is no different. Every song is in a world of its own, and as every new track comes on, we're taken to a completely different musical place in the world of Triggerfinger.

The band kick it off with 'Colossus', a track that makes me think of surf rock and Elvis, but with a much darker and dirtier edge. You've got chants, you've got chugging riffs, and you've even got some borderline cheesy (in a good way!) '60s slasher flick vibes with the eerie electronics. It's a weird addition, but it just....fits, and adds an extra layer of interest to the song.

'Flesh Tight' is a much less upbeat track, dragging us down to a deeper, darker place. The softer vocals only lend an even more sinister edge to the track, ensuring it isn't just a straight up rock song, but instead has a darker undertone that leaves you wanting more.

We take another step deeper into the murky, creepy place the band have created with 'Candy Killer'. I've got to say, I genuinely love this strange, moody track. The music carries a very slight Queens of the Stone Age vibe, but with a heavy 'horror movie' effect.

'Upstairs Box' is next, and it brings us right back to the surface with its energy. It's upbeat, it's fun, and the rockabilly feel it has makes you want to get up and dance. That's followed up by 'Afterglow', once again taking a sharp turn to somewhere completely unexpected. 'Afterglow' is a slow, stripped back, raw track. It contains a surprising guitar solo that I quite liked. Against the backdrop of the chilled out track, the guitars solo really stands strong, creating drama before abruptly ending.

Following on is 'Breathlessness', one of the more radio friendly of the tracks. It's very modern rock, and while it isn't as upbeat or as powerful as some of the other tracks, it's probably the closest the band will come to a mainstream rock sound. We then move in to 'That'll Be The Day', which brings in the industrial influence in spades. The track trips along in a strange, out of this world way that stands in stark contrast to 'Breathlessness'.

'Bring Me Back A Live One' sounds like it belongs in a bygone era. It has a certain vintage rock 'n' roll vibe, but slightly distorted and molded to more fit the bands sound. It's an interesting take on classic rock, but I like it. 'Steady Me' is up next, and it's probably one of the most left field, strangest tracks they have. It sounds almost carnival-esque at times, but much darker and more sinister.

We close the album with 'Wollensak Walk' and in true Triggerfinger style, it's a huge leap from the rest of the album. It's got a strange country feel, but slower, more distorted, and again, it has a strange dark quality about it that gives you a bit of a chill up your spine. Of course, they then quickly move into a much more energetic, upbeat, country vibe halfway through the song, because it isn't enough that they have such wildly different vibes on each track - no, they also want to create two wildly different moods on the exact same song.

This album is definitely one to listen to. Even if you don't find a track you like (which is unlikely since they cover such a huge range of genres and sounds), they take you on such an interesting ride that it makes it all worth it. They've got a certain knack for taking some of the most simple, innocent musical genres and giving them such a dark twist that you question what you've gotten yourself into. Colossus is an adventure and a half, that's for sure.

7 out of 10.

Colossus is out August 25th via Mascot Records.

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