Spotlight: Loose End

Loose End are a band that are new to the pop-punk scene in Melbourne, but the members are not new to playing shows and making kick-ass music. These talented young fellas have previously been all different bands ranging from punk, rock and hardcore. But now they've come together to create their very own style that many people can get on board with. We caught up with vocalist Ben Smalley as he introduces us to Loose End and tells us a bit about how the boys came together, as well as their brand new debut EP which is out now.

How would you describe Loose End to new listeners?

Our sound is definitely new and unique. I think we have something to offer for everyone. It’s pop-punky with big melodic choruses and also some heavy mixed in there.

How did you guys meet and become a band?

Wilbur (Bass) and myself have grown up playing in bands together in Melbourne since we were 14. Just before we recorded this EP we met Jackson (drummer), then later he introduced us to Schmidty (guitar) and then he introduced us to Mitch (guitar). Wilbur, Mitch and myself grew up in Melbourne and other two all native to Horsham in country Victoria. They taught us hard work and we showed them lattes.

When did you start recording the EP and what was the process like, were there any obstacles or was it mostly a smooth process?

We recorded the EP over a few weekends in September 2016. The lead up to recording didn’t go to plan and was very stressful. Our original drummer actually bailed from us I think it was 10 days out from recording, so we almost had to pull the plug on the EP. Luckily a great friend Rhys Brennan who helped myself write and record the guitars on the EP knew of Jackson from gigging around Melbourne a while back. Messaged him and he drove down from Horsham, which is a 3 and half hour drive. Had one jam with him, only got through 3 out of 5 songs. Next weekend he drove back to Melbourne, had 2 days to finish all the drum tracks and finished them in one and half.

Where do you get inspiration from when songwriting and creating music?

Without trying to sound to pretentious, inspiration really just comes from day-to-day life. Well for me anyway. I have dozens of voice memos and hundreds of notes on my phone of song ideas and melodies I’ve recorded in the toilet at my work. Also exploring and finding new bands really inspires me.

What genre of music would you consider Loose End and who are your major influences?

Pop-punk with a bit of heavy mixed in there. As every other band says, Blink-182 are definitely a major influence. They introduced me to this whole new side of music at a young age that had a huge impact on my childhood. Others would be The Story So Far, Neck Deep, Catfish and the Bottlemen and Dr Dre.

What’s your ultimate direction that you want to take Loose End and what do you hope to achieve?

At this stage just getting this EP out to has many peoples ears as we can. Play plenty of shows, hopefully tour the country and head back into the studio in December to record EP number two. Lots to look forward to from us.

Check out their music video for 'Dicey's Pizza' below:

Their debut self titled EP is out now on iTunes and Spotify.

You can catch Loose End live at their EP launch on Saturday September 2nd @ The Reverence Hotel, Melbourne along with special guests.

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