Infra - Mercury Sky

Artist: Mercury Sky

Album: Infra EP

Genre: Progressive Rock

Review by Tomina Vincent

Mercury Sky are an extraordinary band. Having seen them perform just recently, I was very curious to hear their latest EP, due September 22.

Infra is so incredibly impressive, it makes my head spin. This is an enormous undertaking - a mammoth progressive rock epic, with dazzling vocal melodies and constantly evolving structures. Unlike a lot of recent releases within the genre, there is a lot to remember in Mercury Sky's work. Plenty of hooks and big, big melodies, followed by quite a few surprising changes. I am reminded of Tesseract, Periphery and Porcupine Tree all at the same time. You can hear that the band is influenced by many different artists and that is perhaps what has helped create such a cohesive and strong piece of work. It sounds new and exciting and far detached from the current wave of heavy progressive releases. Did i mention the vocals? Kay Thatch's delivery is world class.

With outstanding production, thoughtful songwriting and a clever mix of melody, complexity and subtlety, this EP is certainly worth your while.

9 out of 10.

Infra is out September 22nd.

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