Self-Titled - Bench Press

Artist: Bench Press

Album: Self-Titled

Genre: Post-punk

Review by Nicole Roberts

Melbourne post-punk band Bench Press have released their debut, self-titled album, and it's as loud, bold, and full of rough edges (in a delightful way) that good post-punk should be. From the very first track, it's full of raw energy and attitude, mixing a garage rock quality into their songs, allowing them to create their own excellent sound.

The album has a knack for taking a pared back song, with simple melodies and riffs, and creating a hard hitting, in your face track, that will get your blood pumping and will surely evoke a sea of fists in the air at their live shows. Take 'I Don't Like You'. While the sound is so stripped back and bare bones, it still manages to pack a punch that most overproduced music isn't capable of doing.

While the music and the tone of the album is definitely rough, raw, and gnarly, the lyrical content is much more self-reflective. The intriguing contrast between the rougher music that belongs in somebodies garage to the lyrical themes, which center around looking deep within, introspectively striving to understand how you feel and how you need to learn to be the best that you can be, creates a whole different level of interest and meaning to the music.

Standout tracks on the album for me would be 'Group Anxiety', 'Four Plus' and 'Powerless'.

7 out of 10.

Bench Press is out now.

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