Prodromal - Balloons Kill Babies

Artist: Balloons Kill Babies

Album: Prodromal

Genre: Progressive Post-Rock

Review by Tomina Vincent

Balloons Kill Babies have been reigning supreme in the Brisbane prog music scene for a while. With their refreshing take on post-rock paired with incredibly entertaining and energetic live performances, this is a band to be excited about, and I was thrilled to be the first to hear their latest release.

The new EP Prodromal is somewhat of a journey. It’s tempting to draw comparison to God is An Astronaut or sleepmakeswaves in terms of genre and overall feel, but in truth BKB have something a lot of post-rock acts lack - a unique groove, and pace. Rather than opting for endless delayed guitars and a heavily reverberated, cotton wool softened and elusive sound, the band introduce heavy drums and driving and superbly entertaining bass lines. The dance between guitar and rhythm section is smooth and beautifully uplifting, with production that is simultaneously enormously luch and squeaky clean. Nothing is out of place and to sum it all up, this EP is truly awe inspiring.

Prodromal is an impressive and compelling release by one of Brisbane’s finest. It was a pleasure to listen to, not only once, but on repeat. Forget what you know about post-rock, you won’t find it here. Get ready, and dive into the depths of this innovative and stunningly crafted EP.

Balloons Kill Babies, we need a full length record stat, please.

9 out of 10.

Prodromal is out Friday September 22nd. You can pre-order it here.

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