Stranger Times - Vulture Industries

Artist: Vulture Industries

Album: Stranger Times

Genre: Progressive Metal/Rock

Release date: September 22nd 2017

Review by Tomina Vincent

Vulture Industries are straight up awesome. With a refreshing mix of old-school riffs and modern progressive rock, this band’s fourth album Stranger Times proves its title is also its perfect description. It’s different, and truly exciting.

Pin-pointing what genre Vulture Industries are is impossible, but they do fall under the Progressive rock umbrella, while remaining remarkably surprising and very much unlike anyone else. This record can only be fully appreciated if you really take your time with it and listen in depth. Every spin is better, and the charm is ever-present. The album as a whole can be a touch repetitive, but it somehow manages to not be tedious. Just when you think the band might break into some sort of full-on, catchy pop-rock, they switch it up, constantly tip-toeing on the edge of predictability, but jumping ship every time. There is a distinct Dear Hunter vibe throughout, with an almost tribal, trance-like drive and groove, more reminiscent to blues and a touch of classic heavy metal such as Black Sabbath and even heavier rock acts like Faith No More. There is also some trumpet, which is pretty much the best thing you can hear in any prog release.

Stranger Times refuses to conform to the current extreme metal revival – a confident and fiercely original release I strongly recommend.

For fans of: Pain Of Salvation, Dear Hunter, Haken, Leprous.

Favourite track: 'Strangers'.

8 out of 10.

Stranger Times is out September 22nd via Seasons of Mist.

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