Ugly Produce - King Parrot

Artist: King Parrot

Album: Ugly Produce

Genre: Grindcore

Review by Steve Jenkins

For those who even have a interest in the Australian metal scene you would have certainly heard the echoes of the band known as King Parrot. This is pure extreme metal, but you don’t have to be a diehard grindcore or death metal fan to see what makes this band so great. Fronted by a rather non frightening looking Youngy, but the moment he starts to rampage through songs like "Piss Wreck" and "Ten Pounds Of Shit In A Five Pound Bag" you begin to see the psychopath emerge. Backed by a band that provides riff after riff after riff of pure heavy and in your face metal.

When you listen to the album there aren't just one or two tracks that jump out at you like with most albums you might hear. Ugly Produce is a solidly written album with no filler tracks. From start to finish this album delivers and checks off all your needs for a fun head-banging time. The dynamic shifts and endless riff carnage show the creatively of the band. The riffs aren’t your usually death metal style either, this sets King Parrot apart from many bands straight away. The drummer, Toddy, doesn’t just play blast beats throughout the whole album. Instead, he uses creative fills and rarely repeats himself on the album. The tracks on Ugly Produce flow really well together which makes listening to the album really easy and very enjoyable, you just start at "Entrapment" and finish at "Spookin' The Animals". Song wise, the album is brutal and as intense throughout. Spitting out tracks fused with grind, death and thrash punk chaos, King Parrot bring these putrid diamonds to life as only they can.

On Ugly Produce, King Parrot prove that they simply love to play gnarly deathgrind and have fun at the very same time. Instrumentally, things are just very solid, so much so that it would be hard for a fan of extreme metal not to enjoy at least some part of this record. The guitars are mostly crunchy, the drums are tight and efficient at all times, and the bass work is audible enough not to feel left out. There is no room to rest on Ugly Produce, as it's blisteringly heavy and hardcore frenzy punches you in the mouth over and over again, you can however hear glimpses of the band progressing with more complex musical ideas which I look forward to hearing on the fourth album.

The highlight of the album and the standout performance has to be Youngy’s deliverance of the vocals. Vocalists will always have the spotlight in any band but to hear someone with such a strong performance on an album is rare. His vocals also have no effects put on them, therefore they have a very live feel to them. I suggest this album as a must for any fans of Australian metal or extreme metal, it really is up there with some of the most extreme bands. King Parrot are also a must see live band, so next time King Parrot decide to demolish your city or town or suburb, join in on the carnage and help them grow even bigger like they deserve. Ugly is one word to describe the King Parrot sound, but they sure as hell have delivered another beauty with this chaotic and maniacal masterpiece.

9 out of 10.

Ugly Produce is out September 22nd via EVP Recordings. Pre-order via Nerve Gas.

Watch of official video for "Ten Pounds of Shit in a Five Pound Bag" below:

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