Single Review: Plague Of The Earth by Vault Of Valor

Review by Steve Jenkins

Melodic, rage-filled and barrels of fun, Adelaide metalcore band Vault Of Valor have delivered up an absolute monster of a track with "Plague Of The Earth" and we suggest you give it a listen.

Straight from the get go, the impressive George Thiselton hits you in the face as he offers up some of the most impressive metalcore vocal styles heard in quite a while. He screams, he growls, he shrieks, he roars, and here his delivery is most definitely a showcase of variety.

This track is driven by melody, as it opens with a simple guitar riff. Soon after, the drums are introduced, cymbals first, followed by the thunderous crash of the bass. Eventually, this melody segues into a high, almost solo-like melody, utilising some impressive guitar work. There’s an interesting break section in this song where all the music is dropped save for the lead guitar, which plays four high notes before the wall of sound created by the band is suddenly reintroduced. It’s clever and moves at breakneck speed, impressively straddling a somewhat blurry line between brutality and harmony.

Even when breakdowns are utilised (one makes an appearance very early in this song), the crushing guitars and the vicious vocals work in tandem to ensure the melody is always at the forefront; a trait they have made the most of. Overall, this song is so impressive to me personally as it delivers so many good traits that include; moments that you can sing along to, enjoyable idiosyncrasies, such as guitar solos, powerful vocals and a plethora of breakdowns that only rarely feel poorly implemented or badly written. An enjoyable, accessible experience. Keep an eye out for Vault Of Valor.

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