Graves Call It Quits & Announce Final Shows Ever

Wollongong beatdown specialists, Graves, have announced that they will be calling it quits. Widely considered to be one of the heaviest bands in Australia, the band dominated the local scene for years, with constant touring and memorable live shows. Working hard to release their debut album, Monster, in 2016 through Greyscale Records, they supported some of the biggest names in music such as Parkway Drive, Thy Art Is Murder, Suicide Silence and many more. Thankfully, they've also announced a final run of shows with Melbourne's Void Of Vision, so make sure you go and see one of these shows because it's like last chance you'll get to see this incredibly brutal and talented band. Below is the official statement from the band via their Facebook page:

"We've had so much fun as a band in the lifetime of Graves. We've met so many people we call close friends from around the country and the world, from people that support the bands and scene, to people that play in bands that have started, ended or are still continuing to flourish incredibly around us. We've lost members, we've lost gear, we've lost friendships and relationships, and often we've lost hope. But importantly we gained so many memories and friends playing the hundreds of shows we had a pleasure of being a part of. But we've always tried to hang on, to produce music for everyone, and for ourselves. We achieved many more things than we ever thought possible, from touring with our favourite bands who we joked about touring with, to enjoying so many amazing experiences, and getting to release so much music, finishing with Monster, who you all showed so much love for.

Unfortunately, it's time for us to say goodbye, we promised more but sometimes the pressures of life and the baggage that can build from the every day stresses becomes too much to cope with while trying to commit to something with as much love as what is needed to make things possible like a full time band or your music. This was so hard to decide, this has been a huge part of our lives, not just current members but everyone who has been a member of Graves. We'll miss it so much and everything about it. But we have families and other people we need to start thinking about, that can't be lost.

We hope to see you on this coming tour in November for one more hoorah with our brothers in Void of Vision, come out to a show and see us off, friends, fans and anyone in between alike. Thank you to everyone who has ever been involved with Graves, from past to present members, to Daniel Misztal, Ash Hull, Tom Milgate, Blake Dickson, to Greyscale Records, to Destroy All Lines, to all the bands both past and present we are proud to call friends, to Sonny Truelove at STL Studios (and Evan), to Nick for all the dope designs throughout the years, to Warwick Hughes for the videos, to the Brain Studios and Clayton for all the early material, and most importantly to all the people who've supported us throughout the good times and, most importantly, the bad times. We love you. Don't ever stop supporting the bands you love. Thank you.

It's been an absolute pleasure. Graves (2011-2017)."

Watch the video for "Fear" below:

Tickets for the final shows are on sale now via Destroy All Lines.

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