Spotlight: Âme Noire

This 5-piece band from Melbourne known as Ame Noire have managed to create one of the heavier and most fearsome melancholic death metal sounds we've heard in some time. In some ways, it breathes new life into the genre with some truly excellent moments that are indeed genre bending. We truly believe that this is a band to keep an eye on, but for now, how about we learn more about them, as we recently spoke with Alex Hill (vocalist) about how they got started, their new music video and heaps more.

Can you introduce yourself and the other members with what they do in the band?

My name is Alex Hill, I'm the vocalist. We have Grant McGuinness on Guitar, Toby Thomas on Bass, Alex Bell on guitar and Aaron Hernyak on drums

How did Ame Noire get started?

It started late into 2016 a couple of months before Mine, Toby and Alex's former band (Athenas Wake) broke up - we planned to start this band 3 months before officially stating the end of the band, we already had Grant on board after he filled in for Athenas a handful of times. We then recruited long time friend Aaron from the Melbourne deathcore outfit Epimetheus.

Congratulations on your debut music video for "The Tree That Bears Rotten Fruit", what was it like getting the video together? Was it a fun process?

We teamed up with Jackson Webster of Wolves in the Woodwork Visuals - we worked with him exclusively during our time in Athenas Wake so having him shoot us was a great comfort. The shoot took two days to film, day 1 being performance and day 2 being narrative. The actor used is also a long time friend and our go to artist Oliver Sel - he gave an amazing performance and will reprise his role in future videos.

The response since we dropped it has been completely nuts, as I write this it's currently sitting on 23k views in less than 48 hrs. We honestly never thought we'd get this much exposure off of our first single and we are beyond thankful for the support.

How did the band name come about and what is the significance behind it?

"Âme Noire" is French, it translates to "Black Soul" - I think it was the 3rd name suggested by our Bass player, Toby. As soon as he mentioned it I was completely sold on it, it had a perfect ring to it, looked interesting enough to grab attention and didn't scream "METAL BAND" upon first glimpse. It was the perfect name for our sound.

What influences the music of AME NOIRE? Whether it's music, culture, religion or other subjects.

Music wise I'd say it's a combination of Black Metal, Death Metal and Melodic Death Metal, with a few elements of BDM in there as well. We put it under the umbrella of Melancholic Death Metal.

Outside of music I'd say Horror movies play a big roll in our sound (Alex and Myself are massive movie buffs) we are constantly inspired by the atmosphere certain movies provoke in us.

You're playing The Bendigo Hotel supporting Whoretopsy along with a bunch of other cool bands, how do you feel about that? Will it be your first show?

Yeah it will be our first show, we couldn't be more stoked! We are really close mates with every band on the bill and are big supporters of their respective bands. I've heard on the grapevine it may sellout too so honestly couldn't have asked for a better first show.

Name three international bands that you'd like to share the stage with one day?

The Black Dahlia Murder, Behemoth and Cattle Decapitation - all those bands are common favourites among us all.

What inspires your lyrics and where do you get your creative writing from?

Horror movies/books - death metal to me is essentially the music version of Horror. I'm also massively inspired by Trevor Strnad of TBDM - he is a lyrical god.

Do you have any words or messages that you'd like readers to know about in regards to the band?

Thank you for the overwhelming support so early on, keep your eyes on us - big things are coming.

Find them on Facebook here -

Check out the video for "The Tree That Bears Rotten Fruit" below:

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