Shadow Hearts - I, The Dreamer

Artist: I The Dreamer

Album: Shadow Hearts

Genre: Post-hardcore

Review by Tomina Vincent

I The Dreamer are news to me, and that's always exciting. Their new EP Shadow Hearts is strong and surprisingly polished.

On first listen, I am reminded of Of Mice And Men. This is post-hardcore at its purest, with the band refusing to go the Djent way. There is an old-school feel to the tracks, and a softness to the overall delivery. Don't expect big breakdowns or sub-drops - this is different. I The Dreamer tend to sit somewhere on the lighter side of the spectrum, and that makes them very listenable and admittedly likely to appeal to a very broad audience. The music is emotionally charged and melodic, and most importantly, memorable. What I enjoyed the most is the variety of the vocal delivery, and the lack of severe autotune in the clean vocals - something i find incredibly irritating in most bands in the genre. Best of all, its fun!

For a band formed a year ago, I the Dreamer have done the impossible. This EP is fantastic, and I'm very excited to hear what comes next for the band. Shadow Hearts is sure to entertain you.

8 out of 10

Shadow Hearts is out now via Standby Records.

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