Arteries Release Video For Prisoners, Confirmed For Unify 2018

Sydney's Arteries have released the music video for the track 'Prisoners' in the lead up to their long awaited debut album, This Will Destroy Us, out September 29. On top of this, they've also been confirmed as part of Unify 18 in January 2018.

In their video, the characters presented are metaphorical prisoners of their own making, in a Bret Eateon Elis-esque world. We follow the story of a well presented, successful man leading a double life as an ice addict living out of a run down apartment, watching him in his loop of meth abuse, flashbacks, loss of memory and hallucinations, that end up blending his two lives together and creating a distorted reality. After finding a purse at his house he spins into a state of psychosis, guilt and self loathing that control his life. The clip ends with the character returning to his bleak routine, suggesting he’s stuck in a perpetual loop.

Arteries guitarist Braithe Selby comments "The whole experience opened our eyes to capturing the bleak and dark themes of 'Prisoners'. We all are incredibly amazed with the result and the portrayal of a distorted reality for many people in the world today. We all had a blast with this one and can't wait for you to witness our latest video!"

This Will Destroy Us will be released on September 29 on DigiPak CD, 12” Vinyl and Bundles.

Pre orders available now at

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