Mr. TV Man - Izzy Miller & The Black Market Salesmen

Artist: Izzy Miller & The Black Market Salesmen

Single: Mr. TV Man

Genre: Rock

Review by Nicole Roberts

Fans of late '60s/early '70s rock, do I have a song for you to check out. Izzy Miller & The Black Market Salesmen have dropped the first single, 'Mr. TV Man', taken from their upcoming album American Times, which will be released December 1st, and it's an excellent look at what I hope we can expect from the rest of the album.

When going down the road Izzy Miller & The Black Market Salesmen have chosen to go down by playing this particular brand of rock music, there are potholes galore that screw up hordes of bands before them. There's a particular balance that the music needs to strike between being able to capture the magic that made old school rock 'n' roll so damn incredible and captivating, while still adding their own fresh take so it doesn't sound old and dated. Lucky for us, Izzy Miller & The Black Market Salesmen have absolutely nailed this balance, with 'Mr. TV Man' ringing vaguely of legendary rockers such as Creedance Clearwater Revival, while still managing to add their own special touch to make the song uniquely theirs.

I truly hope that 'Mr. TV Man' is a fair and accurate indication of what American Times is going to sound like. If so, we're going to be in for a solid rock album that'll be full of catchy hooks and nostalgic vibes.

7 out of 10.

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