Black Dog - Satellites

Artist: Satellites

Album: Black Dog

Genre: Punk Rock

Release Date: September 29th 2016

Review by Tomina Vincent

Satellites have been on my radar for some time. Joining the ranks of many incredible bands currently coming out of Brisbane, these guys are tonnes of fun. Their new EP Black Dog is sure to gain them attention.

This release is both fun and endearing. This is pure old-school pop-punk, with a touch of Smith Street Band. The hooks are big, the melodies bigger, the lyrics speak of the everyday and bring colour to the mundane. The production is rough around the edges, but only for effect, making this a very smooth and well balanced listen that still sounds nice and heavy. The songwriting is extremely memorable and a few passages stay with me for hours. After the last song, I feel nostalgic and happy at the same time, and best of all, I want more. It's evident this band loves what they do and as a listener, you can't help but be infected by their enthusiasm and want to sing along.

Black Dog is the perfect EP: it showcases a strong genre focus and a confident delivery over 6 tracks of nothing but the best. Every song is better than the previous, and it will put a smile on our face. Satellites are going places.

9 out of 10

Black Dog will be out September 29th.

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