Visions Of A Life - Wolf Alice

Artist: Wolf Alice

Album: Visions Of A Life

Genre: Alternative Rock/Indie Rock

Release Date: 29th September 2017

Review by Tomina Vincent

There's been a lot of noise around Wolf Alice, and for a good reason. Their incredible debut My Love Is Cool was refreshingly new and exciting, showcasing a band with their sights set on greatness. The heavy grunge vibes mixed with sugary pop made for a great tasting, 90's infused mixture worthy of attention. Visions Of A Life is...well, just as good.

What strikes me as different on this record is the variety. The band have gone into this with an open mind and experimented a little more. 'Heavenward' is best described as indie pop, while 'Yuk Foo' is more like a modern punk rock anthem. The album continues to surprise throughout, with 'Beautifully Unconventional' sitting somewhere between a funky Yeah Yeah Yeah's and The Killers with its catchy vocal passages. The big single 'Don't Delete The Kisses' is again extremely different, and a wonderful indie-pop offering. 'Planet Hunter' is a smokey classic rock piece with a sparse, post-rock like guitars and Cranberries-inspired vocal hooks. My favourite track.

'Sky Musings' is a whispered, spoken word-esque piece that opens up into lush guitars and beautiful vocals, to create a really interesting atmosphere that I find transporting and a little sad. 'Formidable Cool' and 'Space And Time' give us another nod to lighter grunge and even 80's dark wave, followed by the 60's rock sounding 'Sadboy' and 'St Purple and Green'. 'After the Zero Hour' showcases Ellie Rowsell's voice beautifully. The title track 'Visions Of A Life' is a brooding 8 minute epic again full of classic rock and charming indie pop, that is just one step outside of the ordinary.

What is somewhat of a low point for this record is also its highest. The overall flow of the album is a little sluggish and disconnected, making listening to it a bit of an effort; but the saving grace is that every song is interesting and provocative enough to make this work, and work well. The production is also jolting at times with the louder sections coming in at a much higher level, which made me occasionally turn the volume down and then back up. Despite this, I enjoyed myself immensely.

Visions Of A Life is insanely impressive. It is a whirlwind journey through decades and genres, coloured in by a well defined sense of musical identity and artistic freedom. This is indie rock, but not as you know it.

8 out of 10.

Visions Of A Life is out 29th September via Liberator Music/Dirty Hit.

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