Cycles of Grief Volume II: Decay - Cursed Earth

Artist: Cursed Earth

Album: Cycles of Grief Volume II: Decay

Genre: Hardcore/Metal

Review by Steve Jenkins

Cursed Earth are one of the most unrelenting metal bands in Australia right now, and their new EP, Cycles of Grief Volume II: Decay, is the second and final piece of the Cycles of Grief collection. Bordering between power-violence and grind metal, Cursed Earth are simply heavy and brutal as f*ck.

The genre is defined by short, brutal riffs with no filler and definitely no frills. This EP is abrasive, loud and utterly filthy. The production is crushing in its brevity and captures the band’s raw aggression perfectly. With the exception of ‘Eternal’ the average track length is a brief one minute or two minutes. In a genre that practically shuns experimentation most of this EP holds true to the approach used on the band’s earlier releases. It is when they step outside of the genre lines that we find Cursed Earth at their most interesting. The closing track clocks in at a just shy of five minutes and it's probably their most powerful sounding song to date. Cursed Earth does not deviate from the essence of the music they set out to create however. With this entire EP just spewing forth unrelenting aggression and anger, with an emotional feeling of wanting to punch somebody in the face, it's raw.

Cursed Earth write music for the inner anger in all of us, and while they may not describe themselves as a “band for musicians” there are plenty of amazing moments interspersed throughout the album. Aided by masterful production the EP maintains that small show electricity that so many artists try to capture. The vocals are raw and abrasive and delivered with honest emotion. Jazmine Luders work on vocals is a highlight being brutal and 100% effective. Rarely breaching out from the maniacal riffage infesting this release the few times that they do delve deeper into the guitar work are well done and appreciated. Kieran Molloy and Paul Cottrell rhythm section are a physical assault turned into music.

Cursed Earth deliver an angry, thrash and punk laced masterpiece for fans of all extreme music. Barbarous riffs and blast beats that charge forward with all the finesse of an adrenaline filled rhino, savage vocals that crack stone with each sonic assault, a duo of blazing speed and beefy riffs: this is the sound of hostility. This is Cursed Earth.

8 out of 10

Cycles of Grief Volume II: Decay is out now via UNFD.

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