Ready Or Not - Rackett

Artist: Rackett

Album: Ready Or Not EP

Genre: Experimental Punk-Pop

Review by Nicole Roberts

Sydney's Rackett have been catching my eye for a while now. Their quirky style, outstanding music, and reputation for delivering a helluva live show, they're really making some noise. Adding another weapon to their already impressive arsenal, they've now dropped their EP Ready Or Not, gifting us with a five-track release that manages to pack a myriad of influences and sounds in just one EP.

From the very first track, 'BATS', they bring the energy and will have you tapping your foot to their catchy hooks and singalong chorus'. Switching up musical styles and moods with each track, they keep you on your toes, from the attitude laden rock track 'Mama Don't Like Him' through the dreamier strains of 'Your Son', to the more bluesy, almost country-esque 'Your Son' and the finale, the oh so danceable 'Ready Or Not'. At every turn, they'll have you dancing and singing.

It's always impressive when a band is able to take you on a musical journey in an album, adding numerous vibes, sounds, and musical styles into the pot, and creating something epic. It's even more impressive when a band is able to nail this in a five track EP. Rackett are truly blazing a trail in the Australian music scene, let's just hope everyone else can keep up.

8.5 out of 10.

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