Lies - Scalphunter

Artist: Scalphunter

Album: Lies Genre: Punk Rock

Release date: September 29th 2017

Review by Tomina Vincent

Scalphunter have had a great couple of years. Recipients of the WAMI award for best punk/Hardcore act two years in a row, nominated for Best Live act at the National Live Music awards, their single 'Best Of Me' hitting #1 on the triple j Unearthed Punk Chart, countless other nominations including Rock Act Of The year, this is a band well on the rise. With such a resume, their debut album Lies had to live up to the hype, and frankly, it didn’t. It exceeded all expectations, by a mile.

This is a modern take on Black Flag, or even Pennywise, with a twist. Old-school inspired, but polished and very much current production wise. This is music made to mosh to and it’s impossible to stay still listening to it. The first single 'A Lie They Call The Truth' is a contemporary punk rock anthem and a great choice to represent the whole album – ferocious guitars, gutsy vocals, and huge sing-along choruses. This band has a quality many heavy acts lack – the ability to convert listeners. As someone who isn’t really a fan of the genre, I am completely enchanted by the album and I instantly want it in my collection, and that’s a rare and very, very valuable quality for a band to have. While everything has been done and we have decades of rock and metal already out into the ether, it is very difficult to pay attention to a record, especially when hearing it for the first time. But with Lies, you’re not likely to encounter such a problem. This band sounds like they can be your best friends, and also rip your head off, and the confidence and swagger they do it with is another confirmation that this new release is the start of something big.

Scalphunter pack a mighty punch. This record is fast, heavy, it’s got tonnes of attitude and sounds like it came from a band well on its way into the hearts of punk and metal fans alike. The grooves are punchy, the songs memorable and loads of fun. Scalphunter will drag you into your punk rock subconscious, kicking and screaming. Get you Doc Martens out, put this on, and I guarantee you’ll have the time of your life.

10 out of 10

Lies is out Friday September 29th.

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