There Can't Be This Much Water In The Sky - Easy Life

Artist: Easy Life

Album: There Can't Be This Much Water In The Sky

Genre: Melodic Hardcore

Review by Steve Jenkins

Shellharbour sensation, Easy Life, have released their long awaited EP on UNFD titled There Can't Be This Much Water In The Sky. Containing four tracks filled with emotion, heartfelt hardcore snippets and full-on melancholy metalcore moments that hit home in a hard way. It's an impressive little gem that is sure to gain traction for this young band from NSW.

Easy Life are a band that demonstrate a brilliant approach to having a nice harmony between their gruff demeanor and a much softer approach in their songwriting. They've obviously put a lot of personal affliction into this EP, and you can hear the raw power of the heartache come through on this release. Addressing the major changes in life, such as growing from a teenager into an adult, dealing with grief and pain, tragedy and loss, there's enough material on here to hit you in the feels. But it gives off a feeling of empowerment and the feeling of being able to overcome those tough times in life.

What this EP lacks in energy it makes up for in honesty and resolution. This record doesn't have an air of hopelessness, but where the moments and splits sometimes sound a bit more upbeat and angst ridden, you then get parts which are considerably more dejected both lyrically and musically. Slower, more calculated songs take the limelight on There Can't Be This Much Water In The Sky, with less emphasis on hooks and more on emphatic vocal presence and brooding instrumental backing. The music serves as an effective vessel for Max Pasalic's voice that accompanies his emotive delivery tremendously without ever becoming overbearing in any sense.

Despite all of its highlights, TCBTMWITS begs for a bit more energy in certain areas. The hard-hitting opener "Light Me Up" has a certain fire and bite to it that other tracks on the record are just dying for. Meanwhile, the more lengthy "I'll Leave You Behind" shows some of that same intensity as the aforementioned songs but it's fairly sparse throughout the almost 7 minute offering (which is really just the band experimenting and making an effort to show listeners what they're capable of in such a short EP). This is truly an excellent debut in every sense that shows immense potential for what their future releases have in store. Easy Life has found a near perfect balance that could just use a few extra splashes of intensity behind the burning words in what is otherwise a potent and passionate recipe for for success.

7.5 out of 10.

Check out the new music video for "Light Me Up" below:

There Can't Be This Much Water In The Sky is out September 29th via UNFD.

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